"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week of April Twenty-FOUR: One Missionary flies to CHICAGO...The Other continues to write MORE!

Elder Delis

Subject:  Finding A Way!!

Well, this week has been focused on finding investigators.  This is a huge test of patience and faith for me.  It is hard to express what a let down this can be from time to time.

Yesterday was Easter.  It helped me get through the whole week.  Thinking about what Easter represents made it easier for me.  I am so grateful for the atonement that our Savior has given on our behalf.  I know my efforts are not in vain, but it is hard to watch people reject the words of the Savior.  I am not completely distraught about this issue since I believe I am preparing individuals for future missionary opportunities.  

It seems like the many investigators I am meeting need the Plan of Salvation.  For example, Katie Washington is one of our investigators.  She is a mother in a blended family.  She has a lot going on in her life and I believe the Spirit has helped her gain my trust.  It has taken patience (and you all know that is not a gift that comes easily for me!).  Though it is hard, I am beginning to understand that all I can do is have faith in our Savior.  And I am starting to see that through acts of faith my understanding of what I can do for Him is becoming clearer. 

Well family, I am so focused that the Savior helps us all.  And if we want to do anything we need His help.  I love you guys and I hope you are all happy!


Elder Christian James Delis

Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  I PLACED MY FIRST BOOK OF MORMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buenos tardes, familia!!

Well, I am in Chicago.  WHAT THE HECK!  So wild.  Okay, well this week's email is a lot less investigator focused and just exciting for Hna Delis, but I think you'll think it's exciting too.  I made it to Chicago!  I am so excited for you all to come see it sometime--the city is a lot of fun.  So we got to O'Hare (17 missionaries!!! HUGE group!), grabbed our luggage and packed it in a truck, and then they gave us a Book of Mormon and pass-along cards (mine in Spanish) and sent us on a train to pass it out!!  We had 30 minute loop to pass them all out, and I was lucky enough to start talking with Pablo, a brand new daddy who wanted to take the Book of Mormon.  How happy is that?  I even got contact information!  I placed a Libro de Mormon.  And in Spanish no less!  We talking in English some, but lots was n Spanish.  WHAT A COOL START!!   That was my third contact of the mission.  Who'd have thought?  My first contact that I made was totally awkward and really embarrassing, though--haha :)  So the placing of the Book of Mormon was not a "first tries the charm" kind of deal.  Anyway, I think Pablo was more of a blessing for me than I was for him.  It was a nerve-racking and exciting first half of the mission!

The President and his wife are AWESOME--the best, I think.  Ha, I know I've only known them for a day...but I promise they are great.  And new my companion!  Her name is Hna Miller and she is FANTASTIC.  She has Celiac's disease, too!  But she has it WAY worse than me, and just found out ON THE MISSION!  How awful would that be?  So difficult.  So for the first time I am so grateful that I have Celiac's--I know exactly how it feels.  So we'll learn together how to best be wheat-free missionaries in Chicago.  I just wrote a letter to the president to tell them that being gluten-free would be "the cool thing to" in the mission by the end of the transfre...we'll see how that goes. :)

Well, Hna Miller and I were just "whitewashed" into an area--that means that both the missionaries before us left, so the area is COMPLETELY new for both of us.  There is a whole new lingo in the mission field--it is darling, ha.  We are in Woodstock, IL, and it is up North.  We are in the "sticks" literally.  All the trees are sticks.  And our apartment is BEAUTIFUL.  We are kind of spoiled missionaries...we have gym in the lobby, ha.  We're so excited.

Well, I am so happy to be a missionary!  It is great to see Chicago, meet President Doll and his wife and the missionaries, my companion--I am so grateful to be where I am!  I love my call as a missionary--I've never been happier.  I just know the gospel is true, and it is happy.

Okay, well I am safe and loving my call. :)  I love you very much and look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Love you,

H Delis

HAWAII VACATION PICS... (actually an excuse to try and master photo inserts by the time our missionaries are able to send us photos electronically!)

Nicholas scuba diving with sea turtles!
The Black Beaches after the treacherous 2 1/2 drive to HANA!  Worth every minute!
Atop the Haleakala volcano.
Because the clouds completely obstructed our view
we chose the parking lot as the background to ground us!
This is the view we saw of the volcano :)  You can see as much as we could!
One of 13 "The Thinker" by Rodin is located at San Francisco's Legion of Honor Museum!
Crazy drunk banjo guy and Nicholas at the Oakland A's game!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week of April Seven-TEEN: Mom posting because she does NOT want to CLEAN!!

Elder Christian Delis

Subject:  Three souls brought unto Christ, I hope I can bring more...If thy will be done...

This week was an exciting week for me!  It was an eventful week but, I will fly through most the details since I am kinda excited about a certain event and to be honest it sooooo worth it!

Tuesday, I had a really cool experience.  I memorized a few scriptures and prayed to ask Heavenly Father to help me find someone who needed the message that I want to share.  So ask and guess what?  You recieve!  Elder Brower and I were walking around on a bike path close to the Jacobsen's home.  As we were walking I ran into a guy named Mike.  We chatted a bit and I was able to share the scriptures I memorized and the message I wanted to share.  It was really cool!

Saturday, well this was the best day of the week!  I was able to be apart of a baptism.  It was the baptism of Gabbie. She is super smart!!  I had the opportunity to teach and participate at the baptism!  The spirit was strong.  I was also able to feel how important this baptism is.  I was so grateful for the spirit while I was there.  It was a time when I had so many thoughts in my head.  I had to bear my testimony during the intermission.  I began by talking about how I was grateful to teach Gabbie.  Then it turned to how grateful I am for the atonement and how it helps us all become perfected and helps us return to our Father in Heaven again.  I also talked about how important the name of Christ truly is.  There was a man at the baptism named Dick Pickens.  His wife and son are members.  His son just left for on a mission to Oklahoma.  It appeared to me that Dick seems more in the gospel now.  Without knowing I found my testimony becoming more and more focused on Mr. Pickens even though that was not my intention.  Guess we will see how that turns out. :)

I hope that you are well.  You are in my thoughts and prayers!  Cannot wait to hear from all of you soon!

Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Katie Delis

Subject:  mi familia es mi favorita!!! (I'm assuming it translates: My family is my favorite!  Have not learned that phrase on Handy Manny yet :) )

Buenos tardes!!!!

Okay!  Well, I have travel plans!  I leave April 26th for Chicago!  My flight is on American Airlines, flight #3825 at 7:05 a.m. Utah time.  Then I get to O'Hare at 11:10 a.m.  BAH!!!  I am almost in Chicago!!!!  I am excited.  I was nervous on Thursday when we got them--really nervous in my heart!  I read about the time when Nephi was probably really nervous in his heart, too, this week--1Nephi 6.  But Heavenly Father really made sure the he knew that he was taken care of.  It took him a little bit, but Nephi came to his own understanding that all would be okay--he just needed to follow the Lord.  I feel similarly.  I know that Heavenly Father loves me, and He will take care of me.  This work is so beautiful and so perfect.  As long as I am exactly obedient and work really hard, the Lord works miracles.  I see them every day!!  And they are not exclusive to missionaries--He wants to bless us all.  so I encourage you to find the ways that you can help others daily!  You will see His miracles, and you will grow as you work to have His Spirit with you.  Everyone is very capable of doing good, so let's just do it.:)  I know we'll be blessed when we do.

A word on Spanish--I love it :)  I forgot to tell you last week--I had to speak in church!  Talks at CCM are funny--EVERYONE prepares on in the mission language throughout th week, then you are called up after the sacrament.  There are two speakers from the zone, and you just go up when you get called if you do!  And I was called last week from the zone.  And it is crazy how the Spanish just comes out!!!  I keep telling myself that I learned the gospel in English, and I am starting to understand it in Spanish.  It's crazy how much I an love this language.   Don't get me wrong--my Spanish is NOT good.  Ha, but I love it :)  I am excited to speak to you in Spanish on the phone at the airport!  Just for a minute of course, but you won't even recognize me!  I sound so foreign! 

Okay...I only have 30 seconds left on the computer!!! So scary!  I love you lots and I am excited to hear from you again.  Thanks for your love and prayers!!!

Hermana Delis :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week of April TEN: Mission Mom posting in HAWAII...NOT from my DEN!!!

Elder Christian Delis

Subject:  Aloha!!!


Since you were so interested in knowing what happened at conference I will begin with that today.  Well, I was at the church building for the whole 5 sessions of conference.  I totally loved the whole experience!  Conference really comes to life if you are on your mission.  I truly thought it was amazing!  It was like watching the Super Bowl for me!  ( (1) since I totally missed getting to see the Super Bowl this year and (2) I was anticipating it all week long, I really wanted to watch it and was super stoked about it!)  The talk about "to be or not to be" was in my opinion very good!  It confused me at first, but after he got through the beginning I got what he was saying.  I will say I am going to be the best missionary I can.  I need to follow Christ's missionary example and learn to be just like him. 

I also really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk on how we are supposed to call this generation unto repentance.  But in reality it is more that we are suppose to strive to do better.  It makes it a much more optimistic outlook and I really like that.  President MacDonald teaches us the same message and it makes me happy knowing I can just try to do better and teach the same message.

Well that was my experience at Conference!  I love you loads!!

Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  Me gusta HAWAII VACATIONS!!

Buenos tardes! Or dias--no se la tiempo in Hawaii.  But I am positive it is happy! 

Okay, I have been so excited to write you this week--I am nervous I am going to start crying in the laundry room--how embarrassing--because this week I was finally KATIE again.  That maybe sounds dumb, but I am so happy, and feel like I have my head on straight.  I wish I could explain better, maybe it's just a personal thing, but I am just happy to tell my family, that (1) I've been so happy to be on a mission this entire time and (2) For the first time in what feels like a long time, this week I was ME again.  I didn't even REALLY realize how sad I had been prior to being here until the other day.  It was like a switch went on or something.  It seems weird I think maybe to everyone but me, and maybe I'll have to explain some other day, but I just wanted to say thank you for loving me so much at a time that was so very hard for me.  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  Thanks :)  I know my Heavenly Father really loves me and all His children, I am just so very grateful for that knowledge in my life.  Thanks for being a family that makes that easy to understand.  I feel His love at home often--and that is such a priviledge.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to share that opportunity with others.  It is going to change lives--living the gospel does that for everyone.  It is truly miraculous.

Love you always, and have fun in HAWAII!!!!!!!!

Hna Delis

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week of April THREE: TWO Babes Working Hard As They Can BE!

Elder Christian Delis

Subject: The first week of the transfer

Well, this was a less eventful week than previous weeks.  Why?  I had lots of cancelled appointments.  It isn't fun, but it really is the case this week.  It is to build me up rather than tear me down, so I can at least say that. 

A lot of this week has been finding new people.  The reason we are doing this is one, we need new investigators.  And two, we need people for this ward blitz.  The concept of a blitz is to make a list so we have enough people for investigators in the Eugene 5th ward (Elder D and his companion are over two wards.  One in Springfield and the other in Eugene).  Personally, I think it just a way to clean out the books and that is kinda of nice.  Basically that was my Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday was President's Training.  So the whole day was focused on how to better ourselves as missionaries.  President MacDonald was in charge and he made it a lot of fun for us.  After our training we spent the following couple of days cleaning out the area books.

I really do have to say that I have liked General Conference!  I have tons of notes!

Well, I have to go.  I will try and write more later.


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  Buenos tardes!

Buenos tardes!  I got a computer kind of early today--booyah! (We received our email 2 hours earlier than normal!  It was a nice surprise!

Well thank you again for all the notes--it's wonderful to hear from everyone.  Sounds like it was a fun week--and this next one is a week of Hawaii preparation--Luckies!! (Nicholas & I are going with Jim on a business trip to Hawaii...yes we are thrilled to feel the sun and heat!)  And I am excited for the "inaugural Delis Family Chronical"--BAH!!  How fun! (Jim has begun a monthly family newsletter to help document all our whereabouts and send fun photo shots!)  My companion and I are already eagerly awaiting.  And a word on my companion--that note she sent should tell you worlds about her--only a VERY sweet, thoughtful, respectful girl would do that.  I am a very lucky sister missionary to spend all my time with her.  We both are VERY grateful for the way our MTC experience has turned out thus far.  Companionships are inspired!!  And she's going to Chicago too--we hope we are companions for our last transfer...keep your fingers crossed! :)

Anywho, what a week at the MTC!  Conference weekend was very cool.  VERY stationary...but wonderful!  People said that conference is like the Super Bowl at the MTC.  It is true!  Ever since being at school, I've really honed into conference--I really love it!  So I wasn't expecting anything super wild, but it's wild!!  I got like a funnel of revelation specific to my mission, my investigators--it was such a neat experience for me.  My questions focused on covenants and how I can capitalize on the strengths of others so they can understand the gospel.  And everything was answered, or I know what to study now.  It was such a happy conference.  I am so grateful that the gospel is the plan for ALL of us to receive happiness today and forever.  I am so happy I am on a mission.  Everything I have wanted, goals that I have had for a long time are starting to really make progress.  It's so happy.  I know that by being here I am becoming the person I want to be.  There is nothing happier than being able to bring real joy to real children of our God.  Ah, I am grateful for this message and this opportunity.  There's no other way I'd rather spend my time.

Okay, well I love you and pray for you always.  Thanks for your love and support and please know that I am always grateful for your strength and love and humor!!! Love you!  LOVE YOU!!

Hermana Delis