"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Friday, November 26, 2010

Call me "Hermana Delis"... :)

Okay, so sorry for the posting drought. But! Good news: we have some calls. :) Christian may or not post what his is...if he doesn't in the next few days, just check his side of the blog (right side). I may or may not have posted where and when he's going... :)

I will, however, tell you where I am going in a minute. First, though, I'm so sorry to have left so many people who care about me in the dark while we all waited for my call. It's been quite the semester, and while it's been crazy and unexpected, I am really thankful to have it as apart of my little collection of memories. I learned a lot. I know a lot better why I want to serve. I feel like I'll be a lot better because I feel a lot less ready to go. Funny how that happens, but thank goodness it did. Anyway, I feel so good about my life going in this way, and that is awesome. I can't ask for much more than that. I am a very lucky girl.

Okay, well do you want to know where I'm going? Okay, fine--I'll tell you. :)

I have been called to serve in the Illinois Chicago mission speaking Spanish! BAH!

The mail came at like 1:56 (not a joke--I was timing it), and before that I had checked it about three times since 11:15. Embarrassing? Maybe so. It's okay, though, I say. Anyway, it came, and I read it, what an experience when it is YOUR call, and with your family no less!! How did I get so lucky? I just don't know.

Before I go on, let me back track. When a future missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints gets a mission call, (1) it is a letter that comes in the mail, (2) it comes from the church headquarters, and it's signed by the prophet--mine is signed by President Thomas S. Monson, (3) it tells you the location you will be serving, what language you will be speaking, when you enter the Missionary Training Center (MTC), and then your purpose as a missionary and the basic expectations. It's like half a page worth of text, and it's a standard letter except to tell you your unique mission, language, and MTC entrance date. Prior to getting the letter you have no idea about anything concerning your missionary service other than you want to go serve. So this is a big letter to get. Lots of anticipation.

Anywho, I have seen multiple "call openings"-- it happens a lot when you are in a freshman ward at BYU. And EVERY time, when you heard the place, you thought to yourself "DUH"--it just made sense that that person was sent there. So I was expecting to read it and think "DUH!" and have this instant connection with the people, the place...like I just belonged or something. Well, it actually didn't happen like that for me. In fact, Spanish speaking in Chicago? What the heck? I never would have guessed. It's going to be something else. Goodness!

So I didn't feel like I had expected. The location-language connection isn't instant for me. However, previously making the decision to serve and then reading that "I have been recommended as one worthy to serve" and reading about my purpose as a missionary--totally instant. It wasn't overwhelming to read the letter, it just made sense. That peace of mind absolutely means the world to me--it's totally happy. I don't have words to describe it really, but it was perfect for me.

And so I guess it's finally official: I'm a future missionary. :) Thanks again to everyone who's been following our little trail to the mission field--I'll probably post a lot more than most of you care to hear about as we get ready to enter the MTC. But more posts to come. I promise. :) Love you all :)

The future Hermana Delis :)