"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week of July One-FIVE: Kate is almost home & Christian is THANKFULLY still ALIVE!!

Elder D!

Subject: I am fine and I can feel your prayers.


As you have already heard from Sister Y----, I have asthma.  It sounds like I am going to be in need of an inhaler for the rest of my life, in case something happens.  I know you are worried and this is not what you want to hear, but I am healthy, I just have to be careful.  I am grateful for your concern.  I am on a steriod called Prednisone, it is used to help build up the immune system.  I have been really energic for the last few days and that has not been really fun to deal with when you are trying to relax, my brain and my body is going t fast to slow down.  I am more energizes than normal. :)  Oh well, it happens I guess.

This week is all about doing all I can to make sure that I am healthy.   I feel an overwhelming calm and I can testify that it has been from prayers from home and from those that I love.  I am certain of it!  I am thankful for every single day.  As I read my scriptures I begin to realize more of the true principles that pertain to the happiness that comes to the freeing souls to know that the gospel is true.  I say, "free" since it isn't truly saving unless they think they are bringing them to a better place.  The one thing I fee that we are freeing souls from the sadness that comes from the adversary.  The best thing about the conclusion of this week was we did have a baptism.  E---- was baptized and confirmed a member of the church.  I am certain that we are blessed through our willingness to serve the Lord and put our whole might, mind and strength.  The power of the spirit is able to testify the change and we are able to spark that fire, what we feel is joy, the joy is truly eternal!  The happiness is eternal.  The way to be happy is through all that we do and knowing when we do the Lord is going to bless us immediately.  I may not be 100% yet, I am more than able to say that every single moment that we are doing what we can to bring or help change one soul, freeing them from the bonds of mortality.  That truly comes from the powerful saving strength of the Savior Jesus Christ and that is my greatest happiness and greatest joy.


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  ASTHMA?????

What the heck?  Christian, we are praying for you.  I cannot believe that.  I think you might be a version of Job with all these illnesses, my friend.  I cannot believe that.  Thank heavens they know what's up, that is so crazy.  We're praying hard NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS.  As if there was something else that could happen--honestly, what more is there?  Haha.

So today. We are goiong to the city city real soon as a little "Goodbye hermana delis" adventure...haha. Details to come about that later. But my fav girl Hna D-- is going to be there, and I am so excited to see her. But that also means that this little email is going to be a bit brief. But alas, I will see you SOON. :) (Side note: so weird, huh?) TOTALLY WEIRD.

Great news: V----- M----- set a date to be baptized!! I can't tell you how excited I am about that. It's been so awesome to see him progress. He does literally eveything we ask him to, and always gets awesome answers to prayers--so simple, but awesome because he knows from where the answers came. AWESOME. Pray that he keeps going strong!

A--- F-----, my favorite guy that got baptized recently said something cool last night. Background: We had his FIRST NEW MEMBER LESSON (WOO!!) yesterday, and he asked awesome questions about the priesthood. It was so great. At the end we asked if there was anyhting we could do to help them before we left, and him and his mom (another recent convert) just said "KEEP COMING!!!" like at the same time and way excited--such a good feeling as a missionary. And then Abel said something that I was just so grateful to hear: "And hermana Delis, when you go home, just get on a plane and come back Saturday and sunday nights to come teach us more! I am almost positive that is your personal commandment from the Lord. You gotta do it." I laughed and we all teased about it for a minute, it was cute. But man, I left so grateful to know that he appreciated the message I had the priviledge to bring to him. I am so grateful to serve these people, and I realized last night that some of them are grateful for me, too, and it was so so sweet for me. I love being a servant of the Lord. I love His message of hope and redemption. I love His children.

Life is too cool. :)

Okay, to Chicago we go! I love you lots and will see you soon!!
(for real!)

Hna Delis

Week of July EIGHT: Another email from Elder D & Hermana KATE

Elder D!

Subject:  Hey!!...That's not fair I was dancin' there!

Hey family!

Well, from all your emails I can tell you are wondering how I am doing.  I am fine.  I am not 100%, but I am doing better than I have been.  Sorry for the email delay, I was at the beach all day yesterday (Monday) and that's why you are hearing from me today.  Yes, don't worry I have pictures for you guys, a member took them for us and they will be in 3D, it will be really cool. 

Here's a quick run through on the week and then I will tell you what happened on Saturday.  To begin with, it was a funky week.
Monday: we did not have a P-day...that threw me for a loop...it was moved to Wednesday because of the 4th of July.  We did spend time meeting with our less-actives, we can never get a hold of them, so that was pretty awesome.
Tuesday: tracting was hard because most people were out of town for the holiday.
Thursday: was meeting day and we went to Coos Bay and had District meeting, tracted and then did splits.
Friday: did some finding, but we are not seeing new people right now, a lot of old investigators are appearing out of nowhere.
Saturday: was a interesting day.  In the morning we helped a newly wed couple in our ward with their yard.  We helped them mow their yard with a weedeater (that was my job).  After running back to our apartment to change, we left for Myrtle Point.  We had planned to see K-------, but she wasn't home, so we left and visited people with Brother O'C------.  We got to his house for dinner and while we were there I had a hard time breathing.  Throughout the day I was struggling, it just felt hard to breathe.  I had just finished eating dinner and I was having a hard time talking.  I started to cough uncontrollably and as I sat there it got worse, so went outside and tried to see if that would make a difference.  It didn't.  So we went to the ambulance and they looked at me and gave me, what is called an updraft, it is like a shot of adrenaline, just to my lungs.  We then drove to the ER and I didn't have pneumonia or mono so they were unsure.  The doctor was told I had an updraft and then he assumed it was allergies since I don't have asthma.  So we got back and we talked to Brother W----- in our ward, he is a doctor, and he said it was my allergies to grass that caused my lungs to close.  And he said it doesn't help since it is hay season either.  I am fine.  I just have to be careful!

I love you and you are always in my prayers!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis


Hey family, HAPPY TODAY!

Okay, super short on time once again over here, but I will try to give you a wrap of our cool week.

1. A--- is a member!!!! His baptism was beautiful. Absolutely crazy behind the scenes, but great. Absolutely wonderful. I am so thankful for his conversion. It was an absolute privilege to have been a part of. He is going to be such a strong priesthood holder. One of the members came up to me and told me that after the baptism, and I just swelled with pride (as if he were my son or something, haha)--but it is so so so true. He will be a faithful, strong priesthood holder. :) I am so thankful for that man.

2. We found so so so many people to teach this week!! I am so grateful for that. I feel like we just walk in all the right places these days, and it's been such a blessing to meet so many people who are so interested in learning more. We recently started teaching Lupe, and she is just the sweetest little blessings for me. I feel like every time we go in to teach her, she is just open and ready to learn. She's fun. We would totally be friends outside the mission. So grateful to be teaching her.

3. The best thing I learned this week: We must RUN back to the Lord to thank Him for ALL we have been given. Our trials are just that--JUST trials. Don't focus on them! Focus on ALL that He has given you. You will be happy. :)

4. The trio is rockin' it as always. I can't wait to tell you about some of the miracles we've seen in each other this transfer. IT's been pretty cool. :)

Okay, love you loads and talk to you all soon! Hey! I'll even give you a hug in a few days! WEIRD!!

Keep smiling,

Hna Delis

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Week of July ONE: Partying without Power was not FUN!

Elder D!

Subject:  Well ... I am glad all is well!

Hey family,

It was really hard for me to hear on Friday that the East Coast was going through a lot of bad weather.  It about broke my heart that I couldn't do anything to help.  And that I was not able to go to you and be with you while it was happening.  On Sunday a lot of people were coming up to me to asking if everyone in my family was alright, and not knowing and truly I wasn't sure was a real shock to my system.  For me, yesterday, that was a major part of my fast.  I am glad all is well.  It was hard to continue to do missionary work when I could feel that you were in a ruckus.  I spent most my spare time praying all would be well.  The funny thing is, that on Saturday morning I was not feeling so good and normally I am alright.  I couldn't think straight and while I was doing my scripture study, I felt like I should just relax.  To be honest, I had no idea what that meant, but I just sat there and thought about the things that can and DO bring joy to my life...and I thought about my FAMILY.  The most incredible feeling of peace came over me and I felt the most blessed person to know that my family is safe.  I felt like it couldn't hurt to fast that all other problems at home would be resolved.  PHEW!

Well, our week was pretty busy.  We were trying to make sure that we did everything needed to be sure Elder F----- knows the area.  This is his last transfer as a missionary, he goes home at the beginning of August.  Please pray that I stay for another transfer after his departure so this area does not get doubled transferrred.  That would stink because this area is having so much success. 

I am so glad the Lord is able to direct us.  I am grateful for the Gospel.  And I am glad to have such a loving family!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis


Hey fam!

I cannot believe that you had a storm that crazy and are still without power--what a crazy week.  You are in my prayers.  I am not surprised that it happened on Friday.  I had knots--HUGE knots I tell you--in my back literally all day long.  All day!  They actually still haven't totally gone away.  I got a blessing the next morning because I was pretty sick and stressed out, and it talked a lot about you guys.  I know you are safe.  And I am praying hard for all of you. :)

This email is going to be pretty short--I am so sorry that this won't be a very lengthy letter after a stressful week!  But let me tell you about some fun things happening over here:

A--- is actually getting baptized this Saturday!  Cool changes.  It's at 7 o'clock and it's going to be the bomb. :)  He is a changed man.  MAN it is so cool to talk with him.  He was talking yesterday about goals and what it means to have a goal that is big enough to capture your focus even when trials are hard. IT WAS INCREIDBLE to hear him talk about the power of humility and coming to trust the Lord and follow Him. INCREDIBLE! He gives me hope that even I can change, too. Haha. The gospel is true!!

This morning I finished my almost 16 month study of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. :) Yes! Can you believe it? It is a true book, even in another language! Haha :) I will forever be grateful for the Book of Mormon. And Spanish, haha. I get so teary-eyed when I think about how much I love Spanish, haha. I can't wait to show you my book of mormon in Spanish. I remember opening a Book of Mormon that W--- B--------- let me borrow before my mission and looking at the words in there and just wondering how on earth I could ever learn this language. And in the start of my mission, I would read it all the time and not really understand what it was telling me. So I would pray to just PLEASE one day be able to REALLY study and learn from the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Now, literally just a bit later, I feel so blessed to be watching all of these little, heart-felt prayers be answered. My gospel study is completely in Spanish, and I can communicate what I love about the gospel in a different language. I feel like I have talked about this my whole mission, ha, SPANISH SPANISH SPANISH. It's that I feel like Heavenly Father just HANDED me this priviledge of knowing another lanugage--He just gave it to me. Cake. I didn't do a thing to earn it, deserve it. But as my faith in Christ grew, so did my Spanish progress. I can't explain to you how grateful I am. It has taught me so much.

ANYWHO, fun little moment in the life of Hna Delis. :) Also, V----- came to church again and he is reading and praying!!!! I LOVE that he's praying. He's pretty open about his experiences with prayer and it ROCKS. He was like "It was weird the first time I did it, but then I did it every day before I went to work and before I read the Book of Mormon and I like it." YEAH!! We were so excited. He's reading the Book of Mormon like CRAZY too! :) We've got lots of friends who are having experiences like that these days, and it's been so fun for us to be apart of it all. We are loving on our investigators big time these days, they are too great. :) TOO GREAT!!
News as well: We have new mission presidents! Pres. F--- and his wife. :) We meet them in a few days! Crazy. :)

Well fam, you are in my prayers. :) I love you lots and lots, and please keeping praying for us here--we ALWAYS feel your support. You can expect the same from us. :)

Love you,

Hna Delis