"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November THIRTEEN: well this letter is rather LEAN (good thing he comes home in a month!!!)

Subject: Well I guess the election is over!

I am certain the election is over! I am sure that what happened was what the Lord wanted and was intended to go that way for a reason. I was praying that the Lord would do all that is best for us. This week was good R------'s daughters are thinking of getting baptized! Woooooooooooooooooo! That is pretty exciting!  The one thing that really cool is how they brought the subject up with us. Because of that the week was awesome! This Thanksgiving is really going to be good. We will be at the R---'s. That will be awesome!  I really am excited for the next few weeks!!
Sorry for the short letter we have to run!

Elder Christian James Delis

November FIVE: Into the work, lets take a DIVE!

Subject: Well, this week was not as eventful


Well, I am working as hard as we can to stay focused. It is getting hard to stay focused, to be honest. Especially since the whole ward knows how long I have been out...So that is making it quite a bit more difficult then I had thought it would be. Do you know by chance when my Homecoming is going to be? So this week we did a lot of service for one of my favorite members, the R---'s. They are an awesome family. They got back from a mission to Russia about a year ago. They are a fun family and they really care about the missionaries. So do not worry I am being taken care of. :)  We are working really hard with R------ and his family. He is progressing really well after being baptized. We are praying that the family will come around shortly.  A-----, R-----'s wife, is going to be gone for two weeks we are going to pray that she will be prepared by the Lord.  D------, R-----'s oldest daughter, is being prepared. We have had some awesome discussions about the gospel with her so we are praying she will be baptized soon! The whole week was not hugely eventful, its getting very hard not to talk politics with people when they see missionaries. It's really quite the interesting thing when you are trying to talk about the Gospel how so many are trying to avoid that by talking about Romney. This will be interesting to see what will be happening tomorrow. Whatever does, it is in Heavenly Father's hands and truly I am sure it will all be for the best.  SO enough of that I am getting hit by a ton of bricks day by day...I have been really good this far to not notice what is going to happen...and I am feeling a that my mission is flying through me. It is one of the few things I am not to sure I want to end .... I know that it needs to and that the Lord has other things in store for me...I am just not really ready. I am sitting and praying a lot thanking my Lord for all that He has given me it is just been getting more difficult to focus day by day and I am trying the best I can.

Well, I love you and I am praying for your success!

Elder Christian James Delis

October twenty-NINE: The work is DIVINE!

Subject: A week of miracles!!


Well! This is really quite an awesome week! Dang!!! I meant to send you the pictures I have been at service all morning! Shoot!  I left the camera at the apartment!  Oh well sorry!  My next letters will have the pictures we are totally have them I promise!!! SOOOO back to week! we had a good baptism I preformed the baptism of R----- and really it was really cool! We are working with his family and that was really going to one thing that the family needs! We feel like they will come around shortly! just keep the C------ family in your prayers! We are really working hard and praying a hundred times harder to know what they need!  One uber cool thing we have been praying that A----- (R-----'s wife) would get the job at the bank and she did! It was an awesome thing! Friday we went and saw R-----  we were just going over really to see how he was doing and how it was coming along spiritually for him, and A----- got a call from the bank saying she got the job! The Lord is literally blessing them! Speaking of which yesteday we went by and it was just R-----. We asked about how he felt after receiving the Holy Ghost and I am not kidding he is absolutely learning A LOT more--I mean A LOT, no joke--just after one day! He was talking on the level of what missionaries do when we just sit and study and ponder the needs of our investigators and I was so impressed!! He is just solid. I am sure that the reason that I have been put in the area was to see the progression of his family and him. It is most likely one of many reasons, really! That was awesome!!!!  SO it was just a truly amazing experience.  I know that this is one reason I am here. I feel strongly about it! I am not going to lie I enjoy this area! I love being here (I am not leaving by the way!). It is comes close to Coquille, but I will say I really do love being here! I am sure that it is where I am to be for the last few weeks, so just pray that these last weeks are smooth and that all happens to be very much the way that the Lord intends for things to go!

So about the storm I am not worried! I have been praying about this and I am sure that you will be safe! I am sure of that! Soooo school I am looking forward too it! Keep me updated and I would love to be in math science English and History and I just need a schedule since otherwise I will go nuts!  Just sayin! ummm lets see ... oh yes! I should go Find Teach Baptze and just as important, Retain! Have a happy Hairgerwen I will try too!

Elder Christian James Delis