"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week of June Twenty-FOUR: Each new transfer brings Changes GALORE!

Elder D!

Subject:  Transfers!  Yes again ... No more Elder D---- :/


Six weeks just flew by and I am just praying that all will go well for the next six!  My new companion is Elder F-----, I don't know much about him, but he is going home soon, I am told.  I pray that we willcontinue to see success.  It is sad to see Elder D---- go and leave Coquille, but the good news he will be in a temple area!  He was kinda excited about that! 

So this week was not super eventful.  We spent our time and effort into finding.  We are focusing on Part-member families and Less-actives.  An analogy I have been trying to use is "building of a house."  How as we are baptized and attend church it builds a foundation for us.  As the house's foundation begins to cure it gets stronger.  As we receive revelation, we then start to build our homes brick by brick, so that we are comfortable and we gain a stronger testimony of how much the Lord loves us and here is there.  And how everything we learn is to help us understand about the kingdom of heaven.  I am still working on the analogy, but I hope the message is coming across correctly. :) 

Yesterday in church we set 2 dates for baptism.  One for E----, she was taught the lessons in Klamath Falls.  And also J--- L------ was taught in the past, but now feels ready.  OHHHH I almost forgot the coolest experience ever!  Elder D---- and I were tracting on Tuesday, we had no set plans for the day and we were really just focusing on the less-actives.  We went to one of their homes and while we were there a man named H----- C----- came to us asking if we would come to his home.  He called the ward a couple of weeks ago during splits.  He was a minister for a while, but has since retired.  He explained to us how he know the Gospel is true and that there is something missing in his life.  That was so incredible!  We saw him Thursday and Saturday.  Watching these kind of miracles are awesome!

Well family, I love ya and I miss ya!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject: WOWZA!  Sorry this is coming so late!


Sorry for the delayed letter!  I know that stinks.  We are going to the temple later today, so we switched our preparation days.  So sorry for the no notice.  It was short notice for us, too.  But alas.  Here we are. :)

Okay, so I just cried reading about my setting apart time!  So crazy!  I hear THE MISSIONARY has to take their own tag off.  That's how it should be, but OUCH!  Pray for me lots that day, ha.  Anyway, good mini-cry, but a cry nonetheless.  I just love this calling.  I love this work.  One time Elder H------ said that "the mission is as real as it gets" -- how true!  We learn what heaven is like out here.  It's a powerful and very happy place. :)

This transfer has started off INCREDIBLY.  I am loving co-trainging--Hna W------ is the trainee and Hna R----- is my partner!  It's been wild, but so so SO fun.  We are a fiesty team.  :) I couldn't ask for a better set-up this transfer: we work hard, let me tell you, (Side note: I am going to come home so tired. I repeat SO TIRED, ha.  I am exhausted), we teach like crazy still, talk to everyone, invite everyone, we DO MISSIONARY WORK.  And we're doing it well and with the Spirit.  Man, I didn't think the mission could get better, but it always does. 

As always, the biggest struggle is just learning what the Lord wants for the area and my companions.  I know the mechanics of missionary work--you pick up on those quick enough.  I have my personal "style" at this point, I know the language well.  But it's the revelation and guidance and the acting on what you receive that really motivates what happens in the work.  AKA your faith, prayer, and spiritual staying power is what is tough!  Anywho, I've felt so strongly these past days that He's given me some weighty responisibilities that I was NOT expecting or that I would not naturally prefer, haha, but I feel empowered by the Lord's trust in me and the strength and wisdom that He has given me these past few days especially.  He is so mindful.  I love that HE takes care of me out here.  I can focus on everyone else, and when I pray--even if just for a moment--I feel His guidance and overwhelming love for me and His children.  I am never forgotten.  I am thankful that he lets me take care of His children as well!  I work hard to be mindful of them.  I am learning my role and I am grateful that I am being strengthened in the tasks I've been given.  I had no idea the spiritual, emotional, physical strength inside me.  So crazy what we learn, the lessons we need.  It's just so cool that we always keep learning.  We are NEVER a finished product while here on earth.  I love that.  TAKE THAT PERFECTIONSIMS! Haha :)

So do we all want to hear some awesome news?  I think yes... :)


I can't tell you how awesome that is.  Just let that truth sit in your mind for a few seconds, and smile. :)  I keep doing tht when I have asec, haha. :)  On JULY 14, read his favorite scripture (Ether 12:27) and say a little prayer for him!  He will feel your love. :)

So many good things happening over here. :)

My newest favorite truth to remind myself of when I want to feel STRONGER:  This is CHRIST'S church!  Just make the decision to believe that, and you will be happy.  Guaraunteeed. :)

Anywho, love you all big time.  I am so grateful for your love and support, and please pray for my companions!!  Love you love you love you, have an awesome week!!

Hna Delis

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Week of June One-SEVEN: Hearing from our missionaries is always HEAVEN!!

Elder D!

Subject:  Man this has been a week of things to do.


Well, this was a good day!  I am so grateful for the miracles that I have been able to be apart of!  On Tuesday we baptized M------- R-----.  That was an awesome experience, we confirmed her on the spot and we were able to have such a wonderful moment when the testimonies were bore that night, they testified to everyone of the truthfulness of the work.  So that was a spiritual feast for the week.  The baptism set the stage for the rest of the week.  We have been spending time searching for those ready for the message of the restored Gospel.  The hardest thing is that we are able to do all the Lord needs us to do.  It is a blessing that comes from obedience and diligence.  We found some people and we also were able to do the necessary portions to work hard in this section of the Lord's vineyard. 

Friday was also a very cool day, we had another baptism!  H--- C----- was baptized.  That baptism, too, was wonderful!  The most amazing things about baptisms is the feeling that as we work diligently, we are rewarded openly.  We have to act on our promptings and the Holy Ghost has been moving hearts one soul at a time. 

This week was busy and I am grateful for the gospel, it is truly a blessing.

I am glad all is well!  I love you all and I hope you are able to feel my love!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  Hello, hello!


There is a card in the mail--hope you don't think it is too dumb.  Normally Father's Day cards are pretty lame.  You know, fart jokes galore.  Don't get me wrong--I love myself a good fart joke--but that's all the dad's seem to get!  The card I sent is no better, haha.  BUT, I sent it with love.  Hope it gets there soon. :)

Until then, let me just tell you that I love you.  VERY MUCH!!  I tell people almost daily what a cool person you are.  In fact, let me tell you right this minute 3 reasons why I am grateful for you:
1.  You listen to me.  Even when I am totally dumb, haha, and I am so grateful that my opinions matter to you.  It helps me to feel loved knowing that what matters to me matters to you, too.
2.  You lead by example.  I LOVE that you live what you believe, and you don't have to say a thing.  You teach me honesty, hope, integrity, diligence, and love by just being YOU.  I love that.  I want to be like that, too.
3.  You love mom so much!  I want to marry someone who takes care of me like you take care of mom.  I've learned so much about how important that is since I left, and I know a lot better that I am worth that sort of treatment.  I cannot settle for less.  I am grateful that you have given me a standard to look to in that regard, and hope that someone like that is REAL!  And in my very own home, even.  Thanks. :)

I'll give you a big hug SO DANG SOON!!  Until then, I hope you feel my prayers. :) And anywho, it sounds like you guys had an awesome week--AND COOL WEEK coming up in Chicago!  I'll wave towards O'Hare today. :)

I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father that is super, super mindful of me. I heard this quote by president monson recently, and he said that he always wanted the Lord to know that "if there was a task that the Lord needed to get done, Tom Monson would do it." I started to pray to be able to do that, too. I noticed throughout the week that sometimes I didn't want to do what the Lord wanted me to do--I think that's where my lack of confidence and faith came in and therefore my little bit of sadness today. BUT I did a lot, if not most of what I felt like needed to be done. I think I can point to multiple things daily that were tasks the Lord needed to get done. And I did them well. I wish I wasn't such a perfectionist!! So many good things happen, but I am so fixated on what went wrong!! I always want to be perfect instantly and I have a hard time being patient with myself. And others. I am grateful to at least be GROWING. I feel like a whole new creature from the one that came out here, and that I am grateful for. I am rambling about dumb stuff today, I am sorry. :) Anywho, the problems in my life are so little by comparison to what is really out there in the world, ha. I think Hna Day and I should just go get ice cream for preparation day after this, ha. :) Decision made. 

SPEAKING OF COMPANIONS, I am getting TWO NEW ONES TOMORROW. I am team-training a new missionary the last transfer in the mission. :) I am stressed, which also probably adds to my hyper-sensitivity to all the things I am doing wrong, ha. :) I am a crazy person, sorry you're getting a dumb email from me today. I just want to do good. Any and all prayers would be great. :)

I love you all lots, and I am grateful for you. Thanks for all you are doing. I love this work, and I love the Savior. I love representing Him and learning how to do it better. What a special task. :) 

Love you, love you!
Hna Delis

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week of June ONE-OHHH: Our Missionaries GO and GO!

Elder D!

Subject: Ummm can I just say what a spiritual powerhouse!

WOW!  (Yes, the stake conference with Elder O---- was that awesome!)

The reason we learn in the Gospel is that we are willing to drop all that we have and feed His sheep.  Peter went from a fisherman to an Apostle putting all that he had behind him and putting the Savior first.  His example is of a true disciple and how I think it is important to be Diligent and Obedient.

This was an intense weekend!  We did all we could to get people to come hear Elder O---- in the evening session.  Noone we invited showed :(.  The coolest things said in the Stake Conference was amazing!  On Saturday we had very cool interviews with President Y----.  As always they are a very spiritual learning experience.  The cool thing is that I am glad I have a super spiritual mission president.  We discussed a couple of things I need to work on.  Then when the conference talks began, it felt like two of the speakers were speaking directly to me.  Their messages were exactly what I needed to hear!   I am going to try harder to not just go through the motions, but know that the things I do are to help us feel a constant joy, to make us feel the consistent powerful witness of the Holy Ghost and of the Lord's atonement.  This is the goal I am going to set on how I plan to finish my final months serving my mission. 

When Elder O---- was talking, you can feel how strong his testimony is, I can say that every moment was teaching me better ways to help those my companion and I teach.  We sat there listening to the words that he said and it was not at all far from what we teach.  The words that filled my soul are much of what I know we need to teach to our investigators and I can testify that Elder O--- has been called of our loving Heavenly Father as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  What was really cool is that Elder O---- seems so stern when I watch/listen to him at General Conference, but he is very energetic when he was speaking at stake conference. 

On Sunday we were able to get a new investigator to come.  That was awesome!  J------ and M------ brought a friend, J---, and he said he wants to know more!  We also had two other investigators there!  That was so cool!  Having them at stake conference was really really incredible!  The general session was session taught the simple message that the gospel has been restored on the earth. 

Well, this was really a huge excitement for the week!  We have been busy and blessed! 

Love you,

Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  Chipper note this week, mom!!

I don't know why I am laughing so hard about this--Hna D-- and I think we are like slap happy half the day because we are SO TIRED from all that's gong on--but your letter made me laugh so hard this week, mom!  "I'm quite stinky today!"  It just tickled my funny bone. :)  I am SO GLAD to hear that you are so happy.  Truly--you and dad sound AWESOME!!!  That makes me so so happy.  You just sound great.  I love that.  Thanks for your great examples.

I am bummed that I haven't heard from Christian yet!  I wanted to hear about the Elder O---- mission vacation!  Haha, the random joys fo the mission: apostles, an old man calling you to tell you he is interested in learning about Christ, getting permission to do a tour of the church, getting a call from someone telling you the want to meet with you (1. they called YOU and 2. it is NOT to cancel an appointment!!) ... life is so funny as a missionary. :)  I am proud to be apart of this funny little culture for a period of my life. :)

Okay, well let me tell you about a fun thing we did this morning. A big group of elderly living places (I don't know what to call them--retirement homes?) came to the chapel in Wilmette Chicago to learn more about the church! So we hosted this little "get-to-know-you" presentation of the church and the gospel for 45-50 senior citizens. NO ONE was under 60. Not a soul. They told me the "spring chicken" of the bunch was like 65, haha. It was SO MUCH FUN. One of the English wards set it up, and their bishop was there, the ward mission leader, and a speaker--recent convert Brother Spaulding, some young men to help with cleaning and guiding, and then us. It was a BLAST! Who would've thought. Not me, haha. But they asked awesome questions (some fairly controversial, that made ME sweat a little bit, haha), but ALL were super nice, TONS took a copy of the Book of Mormon...it was just fun. It was fun giving tours, I've enjoyed doing that on the mission. It was kind of fun to do it in English, too. It's nice to not have a language barrier--it's a privilege to be able to communicate! It's humbling to think that I've been handed this blessing to communicate well in TWO languages, now. That floors me. What a blessing. I hope one day I can be REALLY good at Spanish. One day. :) Lots of good practicing going on over here for now...

It's so funny to even say this, but we don't have enough time to teach everyone that wants to be taught right now. It sounds crazy, ha. But we are just literally non-stop these days, and I feel crazy a little bit, haha. But it's fun. And we are STILL finding people that want to be learning. They just fall in our place, and it's incredible. Oh, this work is true. This work is true. 
Okay, well we have to get going, I hope we can take a nap today.  PLEASE! Haha, say some prayers for us. :)  Have an awesome day, and we will chat soon!!
Love you,
Hna Delis

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week of June-TWO: Missionaries Work is Hard Work To DO, To DO!

Elder D!

Subject: Well this is a week of miracles!!!


Well family, I am glad all is well!  I was able to look through the emails.  I am excited you got to go to a baseball game Hermana Delis.  And I am sure you will do fantastic in two English wards as well as your Spanish ward.  To cover that many wards is a real trust that the Lord and your mission president has given you and your companion.  I am excited to hear how it goes!

Spiritual Thought:  Wherefore, it must needs be an infinite atonement.  Save it be an infinite atonement this corruption could not put on incorruption.  Wherefore, the first judgement which came upon man must needs have remained to an endless duration.  And if so, this flesh must laid down to rot and to crumble to its mother earth, to rise no more. ~Jacob the Younger Brother of Nephi

Well, on with the week!  This week was a really cool and eventful week!  We have been spending as much time as we can helping individuals be successful in their spiritual growth.  The funny this is that all we are doing is helping people see the great opportunities that the Lord provides them.  Last week we talked about setting a baptismal date for M------- and this week we were  blessed to set two more.  We set a soft commitment with L----- S-------, she is in her 60's.  We tracted into her when I first came to the area.  The date is set for June 23rd and we are praying that it all goes through.  The other date is with H--- C-----, she is friend of the R----- sisters and that date is June 16th.  We are very excited!  There is another possibility for a guy named, J--- L-C----, we've been teaching him for three months.  We think he might be ready because he is engaged to a member of our ward.

This past week was a fairly good week of studies, I was reading and I came across some very interesting things of how we can become better examples of the believers.  I have been rereading the Book of Mormon again.  I am in 2 Nephi chapter 9.  As I read that today, I came to much of the conclusion that we are very much a people that must live a righteous life.  And as we do, His grace is sufficient for all the children of men.  His grace is truly a strength and a huge gift far greater than we can ever imagine!

This upcoming week is going to be a very awesome week!  We have a lot that is going to be happening.  We are going to be spending our whole week getting ready for an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, Elder O----.  He will be here all day Saturday and Sunday.  We are going to be at a wedding on Friday evening, then on Saturday we are going to be having interviews with President Y-----.  Afterwards we are going to be doing our weekly planning and attend the General Session that evening listening to Elder O----!  Then, Sunday morning we go back to North Bend and conclude the Sunday session and eat lunch at the church with Elder O----!  This will be an exciting week!

I love you and I pray for you!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject: Hello hello!

Hello, familia!

Happy today :)  Thanks for your letters--everyone sounds great!  Elder Delis--your area sounds AWESOME!!  And an apostle is coming to the mission!!  How Cool!!  I'm excited to hear about it all soon.  So so cool!

Well everything here is very good--VERY busy, but very good.  I like being busy.  We don't have very many investigators in the English wards, but the wards are so awesome--the English program is so different from the Spanish program.  This little assignment has made me think so so much about the blessings that I've received from being with Hispanic people for the past year of my life.  Let me tell you a few...

1. I have never met people with such great faith. As soon as we start up a religious conversation with someone who speaks Spanish, almost without knowing it, they just start baring their testimony to us. They talk about how central their Heavenly Father is in their life. It is so easy for so many of them to believe. I love that so much. :) 

2. They are so grateful. As soon as we are on the conversation of religion, it takes like 3 seconds for them to bring up the fact that their Father in Heaven has given them EVERYTHING. They just believe in their Heavenly Father, and better yet, they are grateful for Him.

3. These people are so humble--and it's not just in what they have or don't have, it's inherent to the way they think and live. It's not a matter of material, it's also a matter of personal integrity. In their culture, humility just runs at their center. It's very special to be in a ward like that. It's very cool. 

4. I like that so often time is not a huge issue, ha. At the start of my mission it drove me crazy that people were not on time to ANYTHING. If we set an appointment at 6, it would start at 630. It drove me insane. BUT, eeven though it is still better to be punctual, for me personally it taught me where to place my priorities. "My" schedule is not the priority. THEY are the priority. It also taught me how to pick and choose my battles. Should I get stressed over someone not being at their cita or focus my energy on helping them get over their word of wisdom problems? Does that analogy make sense? It also taught me to relax. If their not there, THEY ARE NOT THERE. It's fine. We'll just try back in two hours. Haha. :) 

5. They are giving!! They have three things in their home to eat, and they some how manage to give me ALL three things in LOADS on my plate, and send me home with more. It embarrassed me at the start of my mission--I didn't eve nwant to take it because I felt so dumb--"PLEASE just eat this! I have my food." But I'm learning that it's how they tell me that they love me. THey just want to serve me. It is an honor to be someone they want to serve. 

6. Their sense of humor is the best. Just a few words can be SO funny--they are a quick bunch. :) 
I think I just feel so blessed that I've gotten to be so close to the Spanish culture for these months--I've loved it.  These people are just so special.  They have provided me with my personal humble heroes.  I love them very much. :)
Okay, well I am sorry for the short-ish email today.  But we have got to run.  I think the laundries done and we gotta go. :)  Love you lots and lots, and we will talk soon!!
Hna Delis

Friday, June 1, 2012

Week of May TWENTY-SEVEN: Back 1/2 of Missions are HEAVEN!

Elder D!

Subject:  A Weekend Adventure!

Hello one and all!

(Not sure why I picked the title that I did, we didn't have any major adventures that I can think of.  I might have done it since our family always have some sort of adventure on Memorial Day Weekends.)

Well let me think of this week.  We have spent some time on miracles that are coming from obedience.  The coolest thing to me is how Elder D---- and I are in Myrtle Point and we talked to Sister B----- (she is the foster mom to the the R------- sisters) seh told us that one their friends parents gave her permission to be baptized!   SOOO that means we might possibly have another baptism in the near future, we will see!  Also J--- an investigator that we benched for a while came to us and said he wants to be baptized, so that too is very cool!  We even have a cooler story.  K-------- is a less-active lady that Elder D---- and I tracted into the first week I arrived, she has two children and they are both baptismal age.  M------- is nine and J---- is fifteen.  Anyways, we were talking with M-------- and how she wants to be baptized and her mom, K--------, said it is fine with her, but they need to check with her dad.  That evening we got a call from M------- and she said her dad is totally for it.  Apparently he is a member, but has been inactive for a very long time.  That was really cool!  We set June 12th as a date and we are really excited about that!  We are hoping to see succes come from all the work we have been trying to do.  The Lord is blessing us!

I am so glad all is well!  I miss you!  I pray for you!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  So exhausted, SO happy

Sorry for the late email, family!  I am alive, and all is well over here. :)  This preparation day we went to a cubs game--it was sooo much fun, ha.  And we got back home too late to come do emails, so President gave us permission to email today. :)  So sorry for the delay, but we had a blast.  :)  It was so great. :)  I felt like you guys, hanging out at baseball games like crazies.  So fun!

Okay, well, I have big news this email! On Thursday, we had zone meeting and interviews with President, and Hna D-- and I were last. And at the end, President D---- told us that he had some things to give us. We said, "cool." Then he handed us two other area books and a mission phone and told us that we would be incharge of two English wards as well as the Spanish ward we are serving in until the end of the transfer. !! So right now, we're covering Spanish and English in the upper Chicago area. The wards are huge, and the English are just so excited to have sisters in the area and EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG are giving us their friends to teach. There is not enough time in the day! We are so so busy, and so so happy. We got a blessing the day after we found out because we were just dying with all the work that we had to do, and mine just said that I should keep praying. Haha, it said to not even worry about anything else, just pray, pray, and pray, and all will be well. In fact, it will be better than "well." :) It would be impossible to try to micromanage this task, which I am sooo good at attempting to do, haha. :) It's all in the Lord's hands, and I like it that way. We're having a blast. :)
SO, side note: this week I have been so so disappointed in things some missionaries do. We have the area that we do right now because other missionaries made some bum choices. We have their phone for their area, and I hate that I know what they were doing before we took over the area. It was bad stuff! I was so sad. I didn't even know missionaries did dumb stuff like that, haha. But they do and it is SAD! Let's be good and not be disobedient. We just miss so much joy when we choose to do bad things. 
Okay, well, that was nothing I was expecting to tell you guys today, ha. So it goes every week. :) I hope you are all well. I feel so good. Guys, I am having a such a good time. I am dead tired, we're working like crazy, and I am so so so happy. I know Heavenly Father knew I would want my mission to end like that. I am so grateful to be so busy, so involved, and SO exhausted, I just feel great. 

I LOVE this work--and it is work, and I LOVE this gospel. It is simple and it is true. I am just so grateful for the life I have, for learning, FOR MY COMPANION--she is the bomb, haha---I kid you not, she is Sarah Gerard. Can you believe Heavenly Father is letting me finish my mission with someone that reminds me of Sarah Gerard EVERY day? Yeah, haha, that fact alone reminds me literally minutely how much my Father in Heaven loves me! Ah, I can't believe the blessings I have sometimes. I almost feel TOO blessed. Man! "Oh that I were an angel..." Haha, if only. :)

Share the gospel!!! :)
Love you, love you,

Hna Delis