"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week of February Twenty-SIX: Training and Transfers Can be the TRICKS!

Elder D!

Subject: Wow...The spirit gives the things you need to say the moment that we say them.


This was a really a very very amazing week.  I am in an area that is much like home.  There are a lot of trees and it is a small town like Philomath.  The ward is not large but we are doing a lot to help others to come to church.  So, Katie, you want to hear some miracles, I can say that is all I had this week!  Well first my companion is Elder D----.  We came out together and I have to say that we really excited to work together!  We are getting along really well and we are looking forward to the amount of work we have been given.

So we were tracking on Saturday (a little out of order but its still cool).  We tracked in the morning and we found two people that were interested in our message.  Then later that afternoon we went on a road and at the last door we talked to a lady about the gospel and baptism.  And she said and I quote, "Well, I have been thinking about that."  Her name is D---- B---- and we are going to have a lesson with her on Sunday.  We are very excited to return.  We then had another miracle on Friday night, we were going to the home of Brother S------- and his wife, who is not a member. We talked about the Gospel and Jesus, we invited her to be baptized and she said she might be interested in that. :).  On Thursday we did not have much success during the day, but it was a different experience in the evening.  We went to an investigator named P----, she was a person in the past we have had difficulty getting a hold of, so we felt we should just stop by.  We got there and she was reading the Book of Mormon!  Elder D---- and I looked at each other and asked if we can read with her.  We read 1 Nephi chapter 1.  It was really cool, the spirit was there and I am just grateful to be here!  So many things are happening and it is just incredible!  The one thing that I am doing is making a solid effort to say a specific prayer on how I can be worthy to hear the promptings of the Spirit.

Well, I am glad you are thinking of me.  And the family fast is very kind!  I felt the literal power of heaven pouring over me when I read that in your email.  I talked to President and Sister Y----- this week and I hope you are well.  It sounded like you are from what they said. I am not sure what you heard, but this is very interesting--Elder D---- and I are District Leaders.  This is huge mantle.  I have been putting a lot of prayer and thought into what we do.  Well, I am just grateful to serve and I LOVE you and I am praying for ya!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis


Hello, fam!  Happy Preparation day to all :)

March 4th a fast for Christian!  We're praying for you Elder! :)

This week was so eventful, I have no idea where to even start.  Here's a good place: my companion was in the ER!  Haha, we were making lunch after district meeting and she opened a can of refried beans and cut her finger on the can.  Haha she turns to me and goes, "Hermana, I think I'm going to need stitches."  Haha, I was like "whaaaat...?"  I started to laugh!  And then I looked over and she was gushing blood out her thumb and we wrapped it up and got in the car and drove to the hospital!  Haha, so crazy.  5 hours, 6 stitches later, and after meeting TONS of awesome people in the hospital, we sat down and ate our refried beans. :)  Hahaaaa it was so crazy.

Biggest struggle right now:  getting over feeling awkward!!  Hermana G------- feels it big time right now, and I remember feeling like I was just swimming in awkwardness the first weeks of my mission--ah!  I remember it was like yesterday, haha.  But here are our solutions: we're  memorizing scriptures on faith that we repeat every time we feel like we're being "weird."  Our favorite is Joshua 1:9 :).  Also we're applying the "How to begin teaching" section to ALL situations when we first meet someone.  We've decided that the first time we meet someone is so important because it gives us the opportunity to invite the Spirit.  It's easy to forget what other people might be thing of who we are if we're focused on inviting the Spirit and understanding what God thinks about them.  As we do that, we give them an opportunity to see that we're NOT weird, but that we're servants of Christ.  And that they need this message.  And the last thing is just practicing what we do as missionaries.  The more we tell someone "THIS MESSAGE IS TRUE," the more we feel the powers of heaven backing up all our words.  Hna G------- is brave.  She pushes herself hard, and I am grateful because by "training" her, I learn so so much.  I feel my faith growing.  I feel the Spirit in my life.  I love it. :)  We're enjoying testifying of Christ together a lot.  We're seeing improvements in the work, the people, and ourselves.  That's real missionary work, I think.  We love it. :)

Haha, with some of the experiences we've had its no wonder Hna G------- feels so awkward--we've run into some pretty cold people, ha.  We had this one day when the world just felt totally against us.  NO ONE wanted to talk to us for nothing!  And Hna G------- was just devastated.  Just heartbroken.  It was the worst when someone invited us back just to tell us that they are not interested at ALL in what we have and they don't want to change right now.  Hna G------- just wanted to leave so quick.  We both just got in the car and cried for a minute.  It was sad.  But then we planned to go knock!  So we did.  I found out later that Hna G------- didn't even take her scriptures out with her because she just figured no one was going to let us in anyway, ha.  I'm telling you!  It was a ROUGH day.  So we get to B---- Rd--where we've wanted to knock for a while--said another prayer that we could please find SOMEBODY, and started knocking.  The first door we knock let us in!  We taught M---- the first lesson and she just told us that she'll pray for US, haha, because she admires us and our dedication, but doesn't believe in Jose Smith.  She was super sweet, and we made a good friend :).   But still nothing, ha :).  So we go to the next house.  AND THEY LET US IN TOO.  That is a milage in itself, haha.  That rarely happens that we get let in twice in a row.  By rarely, I mean like cash NUNCA.  It was awesome.  And the lesson we had with this family was absolutely incredible.  Just incredible.  They asked awesome questions--it was a couple, their daughter, and the daughter's boyfriend.  The parents only spoke SPANISH, the boyfriend English, and the daughter both.  So we taught it in both languages and they all had super different needs, but EVERYTHING was answered.  Ah, it was so cool.  We were so bold and upfront: Everything we had been practicing was put into practice.  It was incredible.  Ah!  It was so perfect.  They want to learn more, so we're coming back on Saturday.  Miracles happen :).

I love you very very much and I hope your semana va bien :).  Love you mucho!!

Hna D