"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week of June ONE-OHHH: Our Missionaries GO and GO!

Elder D!

Subject: Ummm can I just say what a spiritual powerhouse!

WOW!  (Yes, the stake conference with Elder O---- was that awesome!)

The reason we learn in the Gospel is that we are willing to drop all that we have and feed His sheep.  Peter went from a fisherman to an Apostle putting all that he had behind him and putting the Savior first.  His example is of a true disciple and how I think it is important to be Diligent and Obedient.

This was an intense weekend!  We did all we could to get people to come hear Elder O---- in the evening session.  Noone we invited showed :(.  The coolest things said in the Stake Conference was amazing!  On Saturday we had very cool interviews with President Y----.  As always they are a very spiritual learning experience.  The cool thing is that I am glad I have a super spiritual mission president.  We discussed a couple of things I need to work on.  Then when the conference talks began, it felt like two of the speakers were speaking directly to me.  Their messages were exactly what I needed to hear!   I am going to try harder to not just go through the motions, but know that the things I do are to help us feel a constant joy, to make us feel the consistent powerful witness of the Holy Ghost and of the Lord's atonement.  This is the goal I am going to set on how I plan to finish my final months serving my mission. 

When Elder O---- was talking, you can feel how strong his testimony is, I can say that every moment was teaching me better ways to help those my companion and I teach.  We sat there listening to the words that he said and it was not at all far from what we teach.  The words that filled my soul are much of what I know we need to teach to our investigators and I can testify that Elder O--- has been called of our loving Heavenly Father as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  What was really cool is that Elder O---- seems so stern when I watch/listen to him at General Conference, but he is very energetic when he was speaking at stake conference. 

On Sunday we were able to get a new investigator to come.  That was awesome!  J------ and M------ brought a friend, J---, and he said he wants to know more!  We also had two other investigators there!  That was so cool!  Having them at stake conference was really really incredible!  The general session was session taught the simple message that the gospel has been restored on the earth. 

Well, this was really a huge excitement for the week!  We have been busy and blessed! 

Love you,

Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  Chipper note this week, mom!!

I don't know why I am laughing so hard about this--Hna D-- and I think we are like slap happy half the day because we are SO TIRED from all that's gong on--but your letter made me laugh so hard this week, mom!  "I'm quite stinky today!"  It just tickled my funny bone. :)  I am SO GLAD to hear that you are so happy.  Truly--you and dad sound AWESOME!!!  That makes me so so happy.  You just sound great.  I love that.  Thanks for your great examples.

I am bummed that I haven't heard from Christian yet!  I wanted to hear about the Elder O---- mission vacation!  Haha, the random joys fo the mission: apostles, an old man calling you to tell you he is interested in learning about Christ, getting permission to do a tour of the church, getting a call from someone telling you the want to meet with you (1. they called YOU and 2. it is NOT to cancel an appointment!!) ... life is so funny as a missionary. :)  I am proud to be apart of this funny little culture for a period of my life. :)

Okay, well let me tell you about a fun thing we did this morning. A big group of elderly living places (I don't know what to call them--retirement homes?) came to the chapel in Wilmette Chicago to learn more about the church! So we hosted this little "get-to-know-you" presentation of the church and the gospel for 45-50 senior citizens. NO ONE was under 60. Not a soul. They told me the "spring chicken" of the bunch was like 65, haha. It was SO MUCH FUN. One of the English wards set it up, and their bishop was there, the ward mission leader, and a speaker--recent convert Brother Spaulding, some young men to help with cleaning and guiding, and then us. It was a BLAST! Who would've thought. Not me, haha. But they asked awesome questions (some fairly controversial, that made ME sweat a little bit, haha), but ALL were super nice, TONS took a copy of the Book of Mormon...it was just fun. It was fun giving tours, I've enjoyed doing that on the mission. It was kind of fun to do it in English, too. It's nice to not have a language barrier--it's a privilege to be able to communicate! It's humbling to think that I've been handed this blessing to communicate well in TWO languages, now. That floors me. What a blessing. I hope one day I can be REALLY good at Spanish. One day. :) Lots of good practicing going on over here for now...

It's so funny to even say this, but we don't have enough time to teach everyone that wants to be taught right now. It sounds crazy, ha. But we are just literally non-stop these days, and I feel crazy a little bit, haha. But it's fun. And we are STILL finding people that want to be learning. They just fall in our place, and it's incredible. Oh, this work is true. This work is true. 
Okay, well we have to get going, I hope we can take a nap today.  PLEASE! Haha, say some prayers for us. :)  Have an awesome day, and we will chat soon!!
Love you,
Hna Delis

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