"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Friday, June 1, 2012

Week of May TWENTY-SEVEN: Back 1/2 of Missions are HEAVEN!

Elder D!

Subject:  A Weekend Adventure!

Hello one and all!

(Not sure why I picked the title that I did, we didn't have any major adventures that I can think of.  I might have done it since our family always have some sort of adventure on Memorial Day Weekends.)

Well let me think of this week.  We have spent some time on miracles that are coming from obedience.  The coolest thing to me is how Elder D---- and I are in Myrtle Point and we talked to Sister B----- (she is the foster mom to the the R------- sisters) seh told us that one their friends parents gave her permission to be baptized!   SOOO that means we might possibly have another baptism in the near future, we will see!  Also J--- an investigator that we benched for a while came to us and said he wants to be baptized, so that too is very cool!  We even have a cooler story.  K-------- is a less-active lady that Elder D---- and I tracted into the first week I arrived, she has two children and they are both baptismal age.  M------- is nine and J---- is fifteen.  Anyways, we were talking with M-------- and how she wants to be baptized and her mom, K--------, said it is fine with her, but they need to check with her dad.  That evening we got a call from M------- and she said her dad is totally for it.  Apparently he is a member, but has been inactive for a very long time.  That was really cool!  We set June 12th as a date and we are really excited about that!  We are hoping to see succes come from all the work we have been trying to do.  The Lord is blessing us!

I am so glad all is well!  I miss you!  I pray for you!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  So exhausted, SO happy

Sorry for the late email, family!  I am alive, and all is well over here. :)  This preparation day we went to a cubs game--it was sooo much fun, ha.  And we got back home too late to come do emails, so President gave us permission to email today. :)  So sorry for the delay, but we had a blast.  :)  It was so great. :)  I felt like you guys, hanging out at baseball games like crazies.  So fun!

Okay, well, I have big news this email! On Thursday, we had zone meeting and interviews with President, and Hna D-- and I were last. And at the end, President D---- told us that he had some things to give us. We said, "cool." Then he handed us two other area books and a mission phone and told us that we would be incharge of two English wards as well as the Spanish ward we are serving in until the end of the transfer. !! So right now, we're covering Spanish and English in the upper Chicago area. The wards are huge, and the English are just so excited to have sisters in the area and EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG are giving us their friends to teach. There is not enough time in the day! We are so so busy, and so so happy. We got a blessing the day after we found out because we were just dying with all the work that we had to do, and mine just said that I should keep praying. Haha, it said to not even worry about anything else, just pray, pray, and pray, and all will be well. In fact, it will be better than "well." :) It would be impossible to try to micromanage this task, which I am sooo good at attempting to do, haha. :) It's all in the Lord's hands, and I like it that way. We're having a blast. :)
SO, side note: this week I have been so so disappointed in things some missionaries do. We have the area that we do right now because other missionaries made some bum choices. We have their phone for their area, and I hate that I know what they were doing before we took over the area. It was bad stuff! I was so sad. I didn't even know missionaries did dumb stuff like that, haha. But they do and it is SAD! Let's be good and not be disobedient. We just miss so much joy when we choose to do bad things. 
Okay, well, that was nothing I was expecting to tell you guys today, ha. So it goes every week. :) I hope you are all well. I feel so good. Guys, I am having a such a good time. I am dead tired, we're working like crazy, and I am so so so happy. I know Heavenly Father knew I would want my mission to end like that. I am so grateful to be so busy, so involved, and SO exhausted, I just feel great. 

I LOVE this work--and it is work, and I LOVE this gospel. It is simple and it is true. I am just so grateful for the life I have, for learning, FOR MY COMPANION--she is the bomb, haha---I kid you not, she is Sarah Gerard. Can you believe Heavenly Father is letting me finish my mission with someone that reminds me of Sarah Gerard EVERY day? Yeah, haha, that fact alone reminds me literally minutely how much my Father in Heaven loves me! Ah, I can't believe the blessings I have sometimes. I almost feel TOO blessed. Man! "Oh that I were an angel..." Haha, if only. :)

Share the gospel!!! :)
Love you, love you,

Hna Delis

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  1. How come hermana delis gets someone to remind her of me, but I don't get her twin!! I miss Katie so much!!