"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Friday, June 3, 2011

Week of May THREE OOOHHH: Hiiii HOOO! Off the work my missionaries GO!

Elder D

Subject:  Well here is the week in a nutshell...

Well, here is my week...  The last couple of weeks I have been super busy when it comes to my writing you all a good email but, this week I am going to try to and write as much as I can and not bore you to death. 

Monday, was an intense day.  We had a Dodge Ball tournament with our whole zone of 30 missionaries.  It was FUN!  We were teamed companionship against companionship.  Super intense and it turned into a battle of strategy against companions--it was LOADS of FUN!  I totally think that Elder Johnson and I dominated, just kidding, but seriously!  Later in the evening we had Splits with the Zone Leaders.  The name of the Zone Leaders are Elder Nelson and Elder Sorenson, they are awesome!  I really love those guys.  They are super good at keeping us pumped.  We had this thing called "Collect the Elect" and it has got the whole Zone focused on baptism and getting our investigators to the temple.  Elder Nelson is who came to our area.  He is great guy.  I will take some pictures with him and send them your way.

Tuesday, Elder Nelson and I spent the day trying to find individuals who are ready to hear the Gospel.  It was really kinda cool.  We were just OYMing people around the road.  And trying to just talk to anyone that we could about the Gospel.  It was exciting we were just walking and literally talking to every person on the road.  We ran into this woman named Kelly Parvin.  We got her info and now Elder Johnson and I are now teaching her.  I think she is ready!

Wednesday, hmmmmm....let me think, ohhhh!  I totally remember now!  Elder Johnson and I are trying to get a boy named Collin Peters to take the discussions.  We've decided the best way to do this is by playing basketball and we did just that!   We played basketball at 8:30, it was really intense how everything just fell into place.  It was really fun!  (Even though I am absolutely horrible at the sport, I was playing anyways...)

Thursday, we had what will mostly be our last interview with President MacDonald (he and his wife are being released and the new mission president arrives in July).  After the interview we had a combined district meeting. 

Friday, it was really just a day that I was trying to finding people to talk too.

Saturday was busy!!  We had splits with the Eugene 5th ward twice that day.  It took up a lot of time and it was well worth it!  The people that we saw I feel were blessed from our visit!!  I have to say I love when that happens!  It makes me feel good that we can bring the Spirit into individuals homes and have them know they can be blessed in some way.  Elder Johnson and I taught Kelly Parvin and it was really cool.  We had Brother Ruhnow with us when we went.  It made the lesson go by smoothly and it helped her open up.  I can see how having a member present really does help us.  I have to say that was an AWESOME day!

Well I hope all is well!!!

Elder Christian James Delis

Hermana Katie Delis


Hi fam!  Happy Wednesday!  Okay.  It takes me forever to write emails.  I am sorry.  This week was great.  We had FOUR investigators at church!!!  We were so excited.  The branch was too.  I think they are really starting to see that we mean business out here, and they are so ready to help.  Oh boy, I love this branch.  Let me tell you a story about them this week.  We were SO busy at church--with investigators, teaching lessons, leading and helping members.  Sacrament meeting is the last hour in our branch, and by that point I was like going crazy (on the inside, of course--cool on the outside, running like mad on the inside...ha, not a joke).  Hna Monge was thre (YAY! Sweet meno-activo) with her two grandkids, Memo y Bella.  They have a hard time following rules.  Hna Monge can rest.  So Sacrament is about to start, and Memo just takes off, and Hna Monge is like "Hna Delis! Vengale! (Go to him)"  So of course I went to get him.  He's like on the stands (this is before the meeting starts), and normally he listens okay to me, but he would NOT on Sunday.  And there is a regla in la mision that says we can't pick up kids.  So I couldn't pick him up, and he was going crazy.  If I weren't a missionary, we would've just gone and to sit outside on my lap, but I just couldn't do that.  I felt so awful that I couldn't help...I just was at a total loss.  And so I just looked at my companion and mouthed "Get Hna Jiminez."  Now, Hna Jiminex is this TINY little Mexican woman, just tiny--a good four inches shorter than I am.  She's a grandma and helps take care of her four year old granddaughter and then works night shifts at a factory, I think.  Definitely works nights, and if I knew Spanish better, I would give you a better description of where, ha.  Anyway, she always looks beautiful for church, and she invites us to her home ALL the time.  So Hna Miller got her, and without a word she came picked him up, and she ended up sitting with him for the entire sacrament meeting.  I can't tell you the impact that had on me.  I trusted her so completely to help--and just like always, Hna Jiminez was just there ready to give what she could.  We went to her house later that day, and shared with her D&C 18:10--the worth of souls is great in the vista de Dios.  She is someone who really lives with that perspective.  I felt so bad that I couldn't help like I wanted to that Sunday, and that I made her Sunday much harder.  But she told us that she was grateful that she could help her dear friend Hna Monge.  It was a crazy Sunday, but I hope so badly that I can be someone that people can trust to help when they just don't know what to do.  She is so awesome.  The members here are AWESOME.  I am excited for the people who will be baptized into this ward--they have a wonderful family to welcome them.

Well, I have to get going.  Sorry there isn't ever a whole lot of information in my emails!  But I am happy, and I love love love my call.  It is so hard, ha, but so happy.  Such is life, probably.:)  I love you lots and am excited to hear from you soon!!!

Hna "Day-lees" (the way everyone says mi nombre, haha) :)

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