"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Week of May Twenty-TWO: Weather reports indicate SUNNY days for ONE, TORNADOES for TWO!

Elder D!

Subject:  Its sunny inside and out!

Well family, this whole week was full of trying to find people and try to get them interested in the Gospel.  This is really hard!  My companion, Elder Johnson and I  had quite an interesting experience.  We were just walking around trying to enjoy the sun (since sun has been a rarity!).  I am having a hard time getting anyone who is willing to listen the way it is really suppose to happen or how I think that how it is intended to happen.  Anyways, we went and tried to Derrik and Stacey Bryant.  They did not have a lot of time to spare, so we decided to stay in the area.  And while we were there we knocked the of a family's home we had found in the past and they were not home, we headed back to the car.  Elder Johnson started talking to this guy about his Long Board.  Then two girls approached us and asked if "judgement day" was really on the 21st (there are billboards all around Eugene about Judgement Day being 21st of May).  I responded to the question by saying, "No one but, God knows."  They are now investigating the church!  Basically that is really cool!

It is clear, as I have said before, faith is main my focus right now in my studies and teaching.  I can see that having Faith in Christ will make every event easier.  I believe even if you are not sure that it is something that you feel is not something our Father in Heaven cares to worry about...He does!  I know that if we are humble we will learn.  I know that we cannot learn unless we are willing to listen.  The Spirit will testify in so many ways and will help you in different ways, that it is incredible!

Well that is how I am.  I am fine and well!  I love you and hope all is well!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Delis

Subject:  I survived a TORNADO this week :)!

Bueno, familia!  Happy Wednesday!

Okay, now for the week.  It was great!  A lot happened this week, ha.  I survived a tornado.  Tornadoes are common up here, so there are LOUD sirens that go off throughout the county when one is close.  So we're driving to an appointment when the sirens start to go off, and my companion is driving.  She turns to me and goes, "Oh my gosh, what do we do???" ... haha.  I don't know why I knew what to do, but I did.  Must've been all those diaster drills in the FCPS :) (Fairfax County Public Schools--especially after 9-11 & the Snipers!) So, we found some shelter and ended up in a nice little member's home while it rained.  Haha, glory.  It was a night to remember. 

Anyway, the rest of the week was great.  Lleno read the LdM and is now reading the index--not a joke.  Haha, this guy is hysterical.  I can't wait for you to meet him, or at least see a picture.  He is great.  His baptism is in TWO weeks!!  Bah!  OH!!! Hno Ventura!!! He is a member, has been for two years, and he is AWESOME.  He takes us to lunch at this little restaurant inside a Mexican grocery store--it is so so so good.  And he just talks to us :).  He showed up to the store with a trucker baseball cap, a blue plaid flannel button up, purpley-pink cordouroy pants, and black cowboy boots.  He's in his fifties, and he is so great.  He turned around his whole life because he just knew the church was true--he can't even read so he didn't read the LdM, he just knew the message was true.  Ah.  So awesome.  This man is incredible. And we love to eat lunch with him, ha.

Okay, well I have to go.  So sorry, I am running out of time. :)  Love you loads, and I will talk to you soon!!

Have a great week!

Hna Delis

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