"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week of June FIVE: Fun JIVE!

Elder D

Subject:  The spiritual understandings of this week!

Hey family!

It's been raining a lot .  Although Friday and Saturday were great days, so we were able to spend seven combined hours, it was really awesome!  We spent so much time finding people more than previous weeks.  I am grateful for the investigators that I have and have had.  I can see that the labor we put in is really to bless us and help us find those searching for the truth.  I know the Lord answers prayers.

I have been fasting and praying a lot about how I can get the investigators that we are teaching to progress.  Katie Washington, a woman I have talked about in the past, and her family have been investigating the church for a while.  Brother Colata Loganimoce was talking to Katie about taking the discussions.  She said one thing that hit me in the chest that my patient's has paid off on this family.  She said, "I will pray about when I will start to take them and will get back to you on Friday."  When I heard that I could feel the Spirit and I had tears in my eyes.  I knew without a doubt the Lord is helping that family. 

Well family I love you all I hope you are all well!

Elder Christian James Delis

Hermana Katie Delis

Subject:  MILK DAYS: the greatest thing Harvard has to offer!

Bueno, familia!

Como estan?  Everyone sounds like they are doing great and things are happy in Vienna.  Que beuno!!  I LOVE to hear that in emails. :) 

Well, this week I taught Relief Society.  Ha, I am not kidding.  We teach something in church literally every week.  I had made a lesson a few weeks ago and we ended up not teaching it that week, and then this week Hna Jiminez came up to us and asked if we could teach it this week five minutes before it started.  I had everything with me (weird) and I lead the lesson, discussion, and comments.  Crazy.  It was hard.  But I was definitely a mouth piece for the Lord.  I feel like the people in the BOM stories that say "I feel slow of speech, everyone hates me, and I'm so dumb"...but the Lord just carries you through it all.  We have had a mess of a week--the branch is having a lot of troubles.  I literally sit in meetings and conversations and catch myself asking "What in the world could I possibly do here?"  I can do some things, and I think they will definitely help.  But a better question is "What would the Lord want me to do?"  That gives me better ideas, better drive, and better hope.  Then a really humbling question hits: "What can the Lord do?"  The answer is pretty simple: everything.  This week had been an opportunity to see that the Lord is on our side--yours, mine, Woodstock's.  He knows who I am, He knows the people here, and He knows you.  So if I am perfectly diligent in the things I can do, we will see miracles here.  I have no doubts.  It is so hard every single day, mom and dad, but it is so good.  The Lord really does know us and these people, and I am here to help other people see that in love in themselves.  I love my call so very much.

OH!  And Milk Days was this week, haha.  It is the BIGGEST festival ever in Harvard, IL all about cows and milk.  I kid you not--the town's population expands by 7 times--it is ridiculous, ha.  So we showed up and contacted the people walking around and bought "UDDERLY FABULOUS" T-shirts to celebrate.  Haha, ooooh how fun.  Great mid-week party for us! :)

Also, my favorite Mexican foods these days:  HORCHATA (rice and cinnamon drink--DIVINE!!  I drink it everywhere, haha) and LENGUA TACOS (...cow's tongue.  Don't make fun--it is SO good.) (really...my daughter has Celiac's disease and cow's tongue is her food of choice!?!)  Who'd of thought you'd get funny foods in IL?

Haha, love you

Hna Delis

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