"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week of March Twenty-SEVEN--Posting late, but emails feel like HEAVEN!

Elder Christian Delis

Subject:  The beginning of the week

I hope all is well!  It's P-day and I hope you are all enjoying yourselves today!

Well, I had an eventful week!  Monday was really a day of Good-bye's for Elder Mackey (he was transferred last week, he was a district leader & now is a zone leader). He was spending a lot of his time saying goodbye to the investigators and the ward members.  That evening I had dinner at the Later's home.  They are a super nice family!  All the missionaries call Sister Later "Mama Later" since she acts like our mom on our mission.  She is really nice so I can understand why they would say that :)!

Tuesday was just as busy as Monday!  I didn't have time for studies which was not fun (again, is this really my child?!?)!   The reason for this is I had to be at President Street Building at 9:45 a.m.  This is the our mission transfer spot for the Eugene area, I'm not sure where the other spots are.  After that I spent the rest of the day with the Office Elders b/c I had no companion.  Elder Neeley and I went tracting.  It was SUNNY and so NICE!  I grateful I am learning to overcome some of my weaknesses.  I am now more able to speak and be in front of others and no longer feel at edge.  I am also getting better at tracting, but it's still hard to do and I am gaining the ability to be myself at the front door of people's houses.  It's not that easy but, it is something that I am working on, but talking to people isn't that hard & I'm super stoked about that!

Wednesday, I picked up my new companion, Elder Brower.  This is his last transfer and that means I am "Killing Him OFF!"  Really it is how we say that when a missionary ends their mission in their last area their companion sees them off--or kills them off!  He is a nice guy and is very funny!  We spent the next two days introducing him to all our investigators.  I am getting the hang of the area so well that it feels a lot smaller.  I am shocked at how close all the members live!

Saturday, I went with Brother Jacobson (the gentlemen who is housing Christian and his companion in Springfield) and helped him clean the church.  It was not hard, but it never is.  We then helped a member move.  I am seeing how service helps people feel loved.  It is super simple, but it teaches me how I can help.

I hope you are ALL enjoying you day!  I LOVE you guys and hope to hear from you ALL soon!

Elder Christian James Delis

MOM NOTE:  This past Sunday after Sacrament meeting a friend of mine in the ward told me I needed to meet her parents.  Of course I was excited, always happy to meet someone new!  But then I remembered her parents lived in Oregon.  I inquired where in Oregon they lived.  When they said "SPRINGFIELD" I squealed and gave them a HUGE hug!  This couple not only knows who my missionary is, they heard him speak in church couple of weeks ago!!!  They said he is working hard!  He looks healthy and happy!  It was such a happy day for me & still is!   It is what is sustaining me through our rainy weather!

Hermana Delis

Subject: Well, Hello family!

Happy today!  I hope everyone is doing great!!  Thanks for all your letters and love this week--it was great to get them!  I can't figure out how to work the camera on these computers, so I will have to send hard copies and the disk when it's full.

Well, this week has been great!  I literally cannot believe how fast it's gone.  It is weird sometimes the way time works here--honestly, it warped.  But as always, I am very happy.  My companion is doing great--we have so much fun together.  An elder told us we were the favorite companionship of the zone today--we blushed and told him he should stop sucking up to sister missionaries! Jokes :)  A word on my zone though--it's made up of "favorite companionships."  It is an AWESOME zone--everyone loves the work, the people, and the gospel--it is literally impossible to pick a "favorite companionship"--they are all exemplary missionaries.  (And I don't just toss around the word 'exemplary'!!)  I feel really lucky to be around such great people all the time.

I'm starting to see some neat things about missionary work.  It's hard work!  Weird, but true.  It is incredibly easy to feel inadequate.  This message is so much grander than any words I have--English or Spanish.  It is true and simple, and I just want people to have it.  It's hard, though, when I know that nothing I can do will do this message justice.  But I don't have to be perfect to relay the perfect message.  I work so hard to know the lessons (Katie is learning the Preach my Gospel in Spanish!), the language to speak the lessons in, the scriptures, etc.  But almost without fail, the minute the discussions starts, I can't understand a thing and I forget X,Y and Z.  You would think that would drive me nuts, but I am so grateful to know that the Lord is in charge of this work.  The words just come. And they come in a new language.  It's crazy, but it's true.  I am so grateful for that truth and reality.  This work is not about me.  It's the Lord.  I am so grateful to forget myself.  I'm bad at it most the time, but I am starting to see how important it is. I love it.  I am grateful for it.  The work is happy!  Thank you for your love and support--I think of you often.

Talk to you soon!

Hna Delis

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