"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week of July Twenty-NINE: missions are DIVINE!


Subject: Well this feels weird...

Well this is not feeling normal,

Well family it feels weird to me to starting thinking about all of these things, school and everything in between. Weirdest of all is that my sister is not going to be on a mission much longer.  It to me is hard to think that I am that close to the end and that she is really close to a new beginning.  OH and if she finds some prince charming while I am in Oregon she is not allowed I repeat NOT ALLOWED to get married while I am gone.  That is against the rules!  Enough of that, moving on,  that is good to hear that she is going to be home it is sad to hear that I will be the only missionary in the home for the next 5 or so months so, the blessings maybe a little less then with two sorry :/ My health is better I am hoping that it will all come to be one hundred percent soon.

Well, this week was good we were doing some service we helped a lady who had a death and it asking the members that live above us questions so we helped her with her yard and we were able to get a good lesson we have another one tomorrow we are excited about that.  We have been finding a lot and really it is getting hard when you have been through the town a lot, but we are finding people.  The Less-active work is coming along and really cool thing is that we are having the ward to expand and that the Lord is blessing this ward for there willingness. I pray that this all will continue that is really all that we need to do to be successful.  We are spending time doing service as well and it was really quite nice the weather is perfect to do it and I am not even kidding I really enjoy splitting logs. We helped Y-- he is an older man in the ward he is awesome! We are splitting some myrtle wood for him, myrtle wood is really hard to split but, it is well worth the spiritual rewards.  

Well, not a whole lot has happened this week but, I am still well.

Elder Christian James Delis


Subject: HEY!!
Hey, you guys! 

Happy today! 

Thank you so so much for your emails. I feel like Heavenly Father is so proud of me, and it means the WORLD to hear it from you guys. Haha, I can't believe I'm coming home. I barely even think about it actually happening. But hearing you guys say that you have been so proud of me just let me read what my Heavenly Father has been telling me for almost 6 weeks straight. Man, I am so thankful. Thank you for being proud of me.

Okay, let me tell you about some rockin awesome miracles that happened this last week. 

We taught SO MANY PEOPLE this week--I kid you not, we were teaching in a Baskin Robins, on front porches, with investigators who invited their friends over, with investigators who just happened to have friends over....(haha), in shops, in basements, members homes...just everywhere. I felt like everywhere we walked there were miracles to be found. Obvious miracles. It was so awesome. 

V----- M----- is getting baptized on the 11th of august, and this kid ROCKS!!! My favorite lesson of the mission was last night in his home about the Plan of Salvation. MAN--it was the perfect teaching experience. It was such an awesome discussion. He has learned SO much since we started teaching him, and he is just SO READY to be baptized. My favorite comment that he made was about death. He said "Me gusta que la muerte sea parejo" which basically means that he likes that death happens to anyone and everyone--it doesn't matter who you are: big, tall, rich, poor, funny, a goober, WHATEVER--it happens. So we asked him why he liked that, and he said because he knew that his Heavenly Father was like that, too. His plan happens to all of us--we live as crucial parts to His plan whether we believe in Him or not. So we when we start to believe, that is when we change. AHH!!! It was the BOMB. So we talked about how when we live like Christ, we come to love our Heavenly Father like He loves us. MAN IT WAS THE BEST. I have LOVED teaching V----- and watching him change and open up to us. The gospel was an answer to his prayers. And I cannot tell you how incredible it feels to have been someone who got to speak the answers he was searching for. Alma 26!

He gave me a little going away present that I will forever cherish. It's this little bandera with a poem on it. The poem talks about little prayers being answered in huge ways. That is exactly how I feel on a daily basis--it just kind of defines the mission for me. I would ask for something, and the Lord would not only give me what I had asked for, but He would move mountains for the work and for me. I had no idea what I would receive for being here. I can't even tell you how awesome it feels to know that I served Him well. He feels so close. I want that to stay. I know life is not the mission. It will end, ha. But I want the relationship with my Father in Heaven to just get better. And I trust His promise: Ask and ye shall receive! So I am praying big time that He just stays with me. I PROMISE I will do my part, I just want this peace.

And that has been probably the coolest thing I learned this week: WE CHOOSE THE PEACE WE WANT IN OUR LIFE. If we want peace, choose to have faith. Believe in His promise in Matt 11:28-30, give up your worries and troubles to Him. He will take them! That helped a lot this week. But He will never leave us alone if we just want, ask, and live worthily. Ah, we are so blessed. 

This week I spoke in church, too, about diligence in our discipleship. I was so nervous to speak, and I have no idea why--I love this ward. But I was prayig so hard that it would be okay. And then it was. :) I am positive my companions were praying so hard, too. I am graetful for them. They are awesome. In the talk I talekd a lot about putting our trust in the Savior and diong our part consistently and faithfully. We can't do everything all at once, but we can ALWAYS do our part TODAY. Mosiah 4:26-27. I love those scriptures.

Also, EVERYONE wanted to have us over for dinner, lunch, brunch, snacks, dessert...haha, in like 3 days we had almost 8 dinner appointments planned. We asked a few to let us just come by and share a message, ha. Hahaaa oh man, it was kind of gross. But they were so kind. EVERYONE was so so so nice, anytime anyone talked to me, that were giving me advice for the future, thanking me for the service I'd given, it was just incredible. I felt like a queen. 

My favorite "thank you" was from S------. She was a less-active that moved into the area when Hna Riddle, Williams and I got together as a companionship, and in this one appointment we just helped her through some tough struggles. Man, I can't even tell you how cool it was to hear her talk to me like she did this Sunday, she was just so grateful. I hope so bad I told her well enough how grateful I was for her

My favorite guy in the ward is hno E------- --I want you guys to meet him so bad. He said so many great things about you guys this sunday--he wanted me to make sure I gave you a big hug. DOYYY I was gunna anyway...haha. So many people this week talked about how much they were grateful for MY PARENTS--you were prayed for by our investigators and members all week long, especially Sunday. They just thanked you for sending me. It was so tender. I hope you felt those prayers. I did big time.

And Spanish. It felt like everyone this week kept complimenting me on how well I'd learned Spanish in the past months. I was grateful to hear that. Mostly I was grateful ALL week long for the Spanish that I have learned. Man, I love that language so much. I just learned so much from Spanish and I am excited to keep studying it. 

You guys, this week was great. I cannot believe how blessed we've been. Hoy and the whole 18 months. Man. I love my calling. :) DyC 123:16-17 defines how I've felt these 18 months and this week, too. I have cherished the time I have had to serve the Lord and just watch His work unfold here, and funnily enough, in me, too. MAN.

What a ride. 

I just couldn't be more grateful. This work is true. I love The Savior. I love that He has let me be His hands and His mouth. I love that He has trusted me. I'm excited to see what's coming up next--I trust He'll keep guiding me. :)  Alma 26:12

I love you, and I will see you in TWO DAYS!!!! :) 

Hna Delis

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