"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week of Twenty-THREE: One is HEALING and the Other is HAPPY as can BE!

Elder D!

Subject:  My face ... broken, hurting, but good


Well family I am well.  I am in pain, but it is a bit more bearable.  The pain is not like it was at first and I am getting some sleep at last, so that is good.  I saw the Mr. Mac issue.  That stinks!  I will try to get to Macy's.  I am sure they will have a sale soon (or it is getting close to the holidays, so I assume they will) and I will replace my damaged suit. 

Nothing eventful happened this week.  I went to the doctor on Friday.  And I did break my nose.  It is broken.  And to be honest, I was frustrated.  I wanted to say to the doctor, "I could have told you that."  I am not saying he is a bad doctor.  But with my nose the size of a water balloon, I thought it was a dumb statement.  So this week we sat at the apartment.  The ward wouldn't let me leave because I was in so much pain.  We taught Elders Quorum.  My companion and I made a court case on why we should live the gospel or shouldn't.  It was cool.  At the last second we bagged the idea because the elders were smirking and were making comments.  So we cut the lesson short and it was alright other than that.

So family, nothing major to report, sorry.


Elder Christian James Delis
Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  I love to be a missionary!


Happy today! So great to hear from everyone--everyone sounds great. Elder D--your face is wicked cool these days. Fa real. Be proud of those bruises!! Dad was right, can't even see the glue. Mom--crazy that you are in the nursery. Haha, did you even see that coming? Send me a picture of your apron once you've made it!! I am envisioning something so so cute, I know you'll top what I already have in mind. 

Okay--something so crazy just happened, ha. This guy next to us passed out kind of--oh it was so scary. He just started to like moan kind of, and then he like had no idea what was going on--he was holding the keyboard in a weird way like by his face and he was focusing on the elders behind us, and he started to fall backwards so I got up to help him and support his back and then he just sat there looking at me. And I asked if he needed help and he just looked at me--he had like no comprehension of what was going on--he was just kind of dillusional. And I kept trying to ask him to sit up a little bit while I held his back and then he just like "woke up" and realized something was wrong and stood up and tried to walk out, but he just walked into the wall. Someone just came to help him out, and now I am typing all of this to you. Ha, so crazy. I hope he is okay. Pray that this man is okay tonight, please.

ANYWHO, to answer some questions:
Teacher: I am going to teach in the hard schools--like the ones people don't want to go to--like title one schools where the students are coming from poor circumstances. M--- Y B--- M---- have taught me how to be the teacher I want to be. M--- just turned 3, B--- turns 2 in Feb. I think. These kids have had hard lives since the minute they were born. Hard, hard lives. They need a lot, they don't get most of what they need, and the love they get is conditional. It hurts me. Most people in their life labels them as "hard to deal with." One day before a lesson with their grandma, I prayed that I would know what to do to help those two kids that day. When I walked into that house, it was like I understood them completely. I talked to them in English slowly and clearly. I asked them about THEM--how they are, what they like, I listened to what that were telling me. I couldn't understand most of what they said, but we had awesome conversations. I didn't let them get away with doing inappropriate things. I loved them. Now, they listen to me, they love me back. They respect me in a way that is different from other adults just because I treat them in a way that made them see their own worth. I started to give them order, love, and value in their lives. That is what I want to do forever. I love these kids. They drive me crazy sometimes, and it is really hard to help them a lot the time. It is stressful. But I love it. I like the challenge, and I love, love these kids. I understand their background, their culture, their families--I'm in homes like this every day. They have so much potential, and I am learning how to help them see it and harness it. I love that. I love who they are. I know they can become something great. I want to help more kids see that, too. I've said before that I want to work in chools like that, but I felt like I would just hear all these reasons why that would be really hard for me, why maybe I should set my sights elsewhere. This is what I want though, and I am excited to learn how to help them.

My area  is kind of like that--the honest truth is that people don't like to be in Woodstock, IL as a missionary--when missionaries find out I've been in Woodstock for 4 transfers, going on the 5th, their eyes get big and then they ask me how I'm doing, haha. It's just labeled as a "hard area." But oh my, how much they miss if that is all they see. If only we could see the potential that we have, maybe the way things can be instead of the way they are. Life would be happier. Truly, I hope I don't leave this area too soon, there is so much to be done here, and every minute is so great. I kid you not. I LOVE this area. With all my heart. It will forever be apart of who I am now. And so will the people! I love the people we are teaching. I love the branch. I love the testimonies they have, the people they can be and are becoming. Ah. I love Woodstock, IL. Let's all be grateful that I get to be here NOW.
What do I do for fun: we're carving pumpkins today!! Wahoo!! Pictures to come. :)

Okay, I still haven't written president yet. Bad missionary. So I must go. Sorry this letter is so crazy--I was really shaken up by that guy that fainted--my fingers are just now calming down! Sorry for the spelling errors and whatnot..I think they are worse that normal today, ha. There was so much I wanted to tell you this week and I just didnt really have time. So lame. Well, I will hopefully tell you some more next week. Well, let it be known that all is well, Woodstock is rockin' awesome per usual, and I love to be a missionary. :) We are so so lucky to have this gospel. It truly holds the pure teachings of Christ. He lives and loves us so much. I tell you, this is a lucky time to be alive. :) Love you loads!

Hna Delis

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