"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week of August 1-FIVE: My babes still Jump & JIVE!

Elder D!

Subject: One soul comes unto our Savior's flock

Hello!  Well this week has been a week of some excitement.  We actually had someone call us and say that they have an investigator for us to teach!  Cool!  So on Tuesday my companion and I are at the Philomath church building to use the bathroom and head back to Corvallis for our dinner appointment.  As we were sitting there on our bikes trying to figure out which is the fastest way to get to our appointment, the mission president calls.  It actually shocked me to see his number.  I answer and he asks where we are and how long will it take to get back to your apartment.  I replied honestly and said, "about an hour."  He then says, "Oh good.  My wife and I will be there in 15 minutes."  I get off the phone and realize we having a surprise apartment check with the mission president and his wife!  My companion and I bust our butts to get home and make it in 20 minutes!  We get there way faster than we ever have before.  And we are covered in sweat!!!  As they check our apartment, to our relief, they said it one of the cleanest apartment they have checked so far!  Whew!!  And AWESOME!  In fact, we sat and talked with them a bit and they wanted to know how long I have been out in the field (this is Christian's new mission president that arrived in July) and when he heard only 7 months, he told me how surprised he was!  He thought I would have been out longer!  So anyway, that was pretty cool. 

Other than our new investigator and the surprise visit, most of the week was spent getting ready for our baptism.

Love!  I am sorry I couldn't make it to the birthdays...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis


In the last letter I must've sounded like we had tons of investigators at church, which actually isn't true--we had tons of MEMBERS.  Normally we would have literally five people at church when it started.  Like five members of the church.  Now the room is FULL of members, which rocks. 

My companion and I had some great visits with investigators this week.  One in particular AWESOME visit was with this family (sorry I'm vague, remember I can't post names in the blog...my children are working hard to keep the rules and so must I.)  Fam, the minute I walked into this house the first week of my mission, I looked at this sister, and it was like I was looking at my mom's sister (who is currently caring for her college stuff and car...again, no names)!  The more I get to know this woman the more I see similarities, it's crazy.  She's awesome.  But when we first met, she was so closed off about anything church related.  She only allowed us to talk to her 12 year old daughter, who's not baptized.  So we did.  And for the first time this last week we bumped into them both and she just opened up.  We had a powerful lesson on the importance of coming to church so we can feel the atonement in our lives.  Oh my gosh...it ROCKED!  She asked important questions, and her daughter just asked about baptism.  Just asked about it.  We told her we thought it was a great idea, ha.  She should pray about it.  So she is.  The spirit does everything, I kid you not.  People are prepared, and I feel like I get to watch these miracles just unfold in people.  It is so incredible.

Also, I thought you would like to hear this nice tender mercy: the other day in district meeting this awesome elder gave a small thought on our familias.  He talked about how much they love us and are praying for us, and he felt so bad because he was like "we normally don't talk about this, I don't mean to make you trunky or anything, but just think about how much they love you, how much they sacrifice for you."  I think about it all the time, and it doesn't ever make me homesick, just so so grateful.  I feel your love y en todos modos su support so strongly.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  They are so so so very real and powerful.  I feel them.  I know Christian does, too.  Thank you so much. :)

I love you and pray for you often!

Hna Delis

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