"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week of February TWO-ZERO: My Missionaries are DEAR-O!

Elder D!

Subject:  I have been transferred ... I am in Coquile, it is by the coast.


Well famlily, this is the news, I have been transferred.  I was not able to get to the doctore yesterday since I left at 8 a.m..  So I am sorry I am not to sure what is causing problems in my leg, so I am praying for the resolve and have it leave really soon.  Basically I have no news on what I am going to be doing about my situation.  I am so grateful for your prayers.  I have been feeling them, I am also just grateful to have a loving family.  Mom, I received the package that you sent and I would like to say thank you so much!

This week was really busy since we were out and about trying to help others.  Elder B------ and I are no longer companions.  We were both transferred from the Three Lakes Ward.  I am sad to say I had to leave but, the ward will be in good hands..  I am also sad Elder B----- and I are not companions.  I am excited though to being in Coquile.  My new companion is Elder D-----, he and I came out together, I think that is pretty cool.

Well, let me think, hmmmmm, okay, so as I was talking about the fact that I am reading the scriptures and studying the atonement to understand it a bit better. The one thing that I really like is the this quote, "The more that you know of the atonement the more you will want to declare the gospel."  I am not sure who said it, I have it written down somewhere.  Anyways, I was reading Preach My Gospel and I studied only the Atonement, it was really really powerful.  So as I read it I came across the scriptures and as I did this the power behind the words hit my soul!   I never can say how the powerful these words could be. 

I miss ya, I love you and you are always in my prayers!


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Kate Delis

Subject:  Well, dad, I think I will tell you about my healthy back

Hello familia!  Thanks for your awesome letters!  Okay, well dad said I could talk about my back or my new best friend missionary...I choose back!  It feels great.  No doctors, no surgeries, no nothing!  Yep, all good. :)

Ha ha ha..." Okay, just jokes. :) The new companion is Hermana G-------, and she ROCKS. She's fantastic. Just fantastic!! SHE SPEAKS SPANISH. Let me repeat. SHE SPEAKS SPANISH. Her family is from Mexico, she was born in California, and her whole family speaks in Spanish. She's fluent! In English and Spanish! So we only speak spanish. Well, almost all the time.  She loves the work and just wants to GO. Just do whatever. So we work really really hard. I am so grateful for her love of the work and her ability to REALLY work hard--be diligent. It's so great, and it makes a difference. And she loves the people. I am so thankful for that. SO thankful. Her actions display it. It makes a difference when you REALLY are here to just love the people. Ah. It's so GREAT. I am so thankful for my companion. AH!

I forgot how nerve-racking the first weeks were. They are hard--even if you kow the language. She gets really nervous, and at the start of every lesson I lead a lot. But as soon as the Spirit starts to come in and tensions cool--you know, it's not awkward and everyone in the room isn't thinking about how random it is that these two little girls are hanging out in huge coats trying to read from the Book of Mormon (who the heck is "Mormon"?...ha)--she's comfortable and loves it. She loves studying and she loves planning things out. So we have really in depth lesson plans right now so she feels comfortable. It's been great. :) The hardest thing for her is that she feels like she doesn't know the gospel well enough. Not true. So I just let her decide things about the work, what to do, how to say stuff, and she does, and then it all works out great. Then she realizes she's good at being a missionary. It's fun. :) She IS good at being a missionary. I hope she sees it.

I think something funny about beign a missionary is that a lot of missionaries think there is this one right way to do it. I don't believe it. Be obedient. Study. Plan. Then just go DO. Whatever you planned with the Spirit, just do it. And miracles happen. It's just consistency. Such is life probably.

My favorite thing right now is that she is teaching me how to be Mexican. Haha. For real, I want that so bad. I want to understand the people I teach inside and out--I just want to have a  relationship with them. Ah, it's going to make me cry, ha. It's so hard sometimes to have a language barrier. It can be horrible. I am at a point where I can declare truth in Spanish really well now--I know how to teach the lessons, I know the information, I have a handle on what needs to be said. But Spanish is an incredibly expressive and beautiful language. And we know the gospel is beautiful. I do my job well by declaring--that is why I am here--but I want to have real relationships with these people. I want to REALLY understand them, and I want to be able to express myself in Spanish the way the gospel should be shared. It's so beautiful--I can't think of another word to describe it--and SPanish can explain it in ways that really do it justice. But my handle on the language isn't where I want it. It's just that the more I learn about Spanish, the Mexican culture, I realize how much more can be done in my ability to share the gospel with these people. I know I can do my job well right now, I know I can, but I can do it better. I have a promise in my blessing that says I will have the power to be fluent and express myself in this way awesome language, and I feel like I rarely see it. I feel SO far away. But it will come. If you have tips for what I c an do, tell me!! I want all the help I can get. Pray for me!

Okay, well, I had better get going.  I stress too much. Pray that I can stop that, please. Haha.

Love you lots. :)

Hna D

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