"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Ether 12:27

Friday, May 13, 2011

Week of May EIGHT: Mother's Day Calls are first RATE!

Elder Delis

Subject:  A day to SEE the family! (Christian Skyped on Mother's Day!  It was so nice to actually SEE him!  For those interested, he looks great!  He is happy and as handsome as ever!)

Well, Tuesday was when transfers began.  It was quite eventful to see so many missionaries going to different places all over the mission.  Actually quite fun!  The most interesting thing that happened is that Elder Johnson came to Eugene as my new companion!  Elder Brower left on Thursday to go back to Jordan Valley, Oregon.  Yes...he lives in Oregon and got called to serve in Oregon! 

Of course with a new companion it means we spent most our week getting him oriented in his new area.  We spent most of Wednesday helping him get to know the area better and show him as much as I could about Eugene and how fun it is.  HAHAHA!  We also had dinner with Brother Loganimoce.  This was cool because we got an opportunity to talk about things other than missionary work things.  He is definitely a person that I will keep in contact with after my mission.

We had an interesting experience this week.  President MacDonald called me (which scared me, why would I get a call from my mission president...I sat there wondering what had I done wrong!) on Tuesday to ask if I knew a man named John Green.  And surprisingly I had seen him a week or so earlier.  I did splits with a member of the Springfield 1st, Brother Ruhnow when I met Mr. Green.  (Brother Ruhnow went with me because he had spent time teaching him the discussions earlier. It is always great to get ward member's help!)  But the reason President MacDonald called was because he has a friend who is a friend to John Green and he was giving me permission to call his friend, Brother Dlynn Heaps.  After talking with Brother Heaps the entire night lined up.  Because we had time we went to see John Green and spent the rest of the night talking to him about the first discussion.  It was really awesome!!!

We ended our week by helping a family move out of their home.  Most of the people that would have normally assisted were at the temple so my companion and I helped.  It is becoming more and more apparent to me how service can really teach investigators how the church is always willing to help.


Elder Christian James Delis


Hermana Delis

Subject:  TENEMOS EL SOL!!

Bueno, familia!

Well, this has been quite the week.  One great thing we did: WE LET THE SUN IN OUR ROOM!!!  I could nto get up in the mornings, it was SO hard, and has been for two weeks.  It drove me nuts--it felt like I wasn't being obedient, I had a bad attitude, eh.  It was yucky.  BUT last night, we decided to take down the blankets that were covering the window of our bedroom--BEST DECISION EVER!!!!  The sun cured everything.  AH, our bedroom is perfect now.  And we got to workout at the gym this morning--I ran forever.  AH.  It has been a happy start to the morning.  AND SO today, I am grateful for the sun. :)

And I am grateful to be a missionary. :) I love my call, and I am grateful to serve.  My scripture of the week has been D&C 112:10 (Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answers to thy prayers.) It was a pretty tough week--everything went almost 100% differently than we had expected.  We had one day that just kind of blew up in our faces, ha: 7 appointments, one followed through.  That one appointment was a member, and she actually forgot we were coming, so we didn't get to eat.  We contacted in some rain, taught one horribly awkward lesson to seven people who all actually took turns telling us they would NEVER read the BofM.  Even as a new Spanish speaker, I understood that conversation JUST fine, ha.  The day just rolled on with cancellation after cancellation (we even bumped into one of our investigators an hour before our appointment, confirmed that we'd be there, and they still weren't there, haha), and lots of rejection in contacting.  At eight o'clock, my companion and I found ourselves sitting on the stoop of our last appointment.  They didn't answer the door, and we were hoping if we waited five more minutes, they would remember to come home or something. :)  So we sat for a minute.  They didn't come home this time, but I will never forget sitting there.  In those few moments, I was so grateful to be a missionary.  I don't know why, but while we sat on that stoop I just knew that this gospel is true, that the Savior loves us, and that this is His work.  Admist what felt like a day of dissappointment, I could only be grateful to be there.  That was my very best day of the mission so far.  My testimony is simple, and often feels inadequate for the perfect message I have been called to share.  But it is a testimony of truth.  And that is what the gospel is: truth.  The gospel is simple, it is happy, and it is true.  I know that for sure, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it.

Keep me posted on what is going on, and tell everyone I say hi. :)  When people ask how I am, will you just let them know I am always hoping they are well?  Sometimes I don't get to write back as much as I want to, but it is always a matter of time, not interest.  Will you please let them know I am grateful for them, please? Gracias. :)

Okay, love you all always. :) Have a very happy week!

Hna Delis

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